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Two days before the general election on May 14, 2000 Ethiopia and Eritrea went into war again.

Neither famine nor war seems to have any visible impact on election; both are not even issues of concern for the electorate... And this is an indication of the social and political state of mind in Ethiopia!

Contrary to popular beliefs history never repeats itself and Ethiopia offers a new form of socialism -- tribalist marxism. How different is it from national socialism? Or fascism? Or the "internationalist" model of communism? All the contradictions of marxism become more obvious when applyed to nationalities instead of nations.

The same class struggle and the principle of hegomony is extended to the trible relations. Hundu and Tutsi in Rhuanda even used the tactics of the "final solution" -- the elimination of the other tribe all together. Marxism offers new legitimicy to the old tribal fields. The terminology of the oppressed and relations to the property give any and all tribalist organizations the "scientific" view to to see their nationality or group as the only just movement. (The African-American agenda to the great degree is shaped by the same marxist principles).

The main issue -- how to assess 25 years of the Ethiopian Civil War? Or should we call it Ethiopian Revolution?
The traditional government is destroyed (but not the tradition of governing), but who is a winner? The recent war between Eritrea and Ethiopia indicates that the transition into a new era is not over yet.
In many ways Ethiopia follows the path of Russian Revolution and Civil War, not the American model. The deconstruction keeps going, but what are the features of the new?

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Ethiopian Marxism

"The whole gospel of Karl Marx can be summed up in a single sentence: Hate the man who is better off than you are. Never under any circumstances admit that his success may be due to his own efforts, to the productive contribution he has made to the whole community. Always attribute his success to the exploitation, the cheating, the more or less open robbery of others. Never under any circumstances admit that your own failure may be owing to your own weakness, or that the failure of anyone else may be due to his own defects - his laziness, incompetence, improvidence, or stupidity." Henry Hazlitt

For a man who was born ten minutes walk away from Kremlin, many features of Ethiopian history, resemble old movies. You saw it already, it's a remake.

You see the dedates which took place many generations ago, the ideas which proven to be wrong way back, the arguments taken from the history forgotten texbooks...

I gave up on writing for EthioForum. The debates have to produce the grounds for further analysis. There is no agreement over anything and for a good reason, I add. First, the civil war definition is not in use. This war is dress in all posible uniforms; a "border war" or "right to succession" (Oromo), although it's obvious that all the ethnic dressing is a fight for redistribution of power. The combination of nationalism and socialism (most of the parties involved are of the socialist orientation) doesn't bother anybody. For a country expirienced a war with the facist Italy, the social-nationalism should ring the bell. What an irony that 65 years later Ethiopians arrived to embracing the ideology of facism and nazism.

The clash between Facism and Communism in WW II hadn't teach the world. Ethiopians would point at nazi politics of Eritrea, Eritreans do point at Facist tendencies of the government in Addis. But it's all the words. If indeed they both could examine the policies and the ideas behind them, they can see that their propaganda wars are based on facts.

The facts are simple. Power is based on the government rule and not of the society. Not much attempts are made to develop this rule of the the civic, only tfight for the control of the government. If there is a government, there is a force... and war. Any government is an instrument of suppression and that is what each party wants -- to rule, not to govern. To suppress the others. They want to win...

They won't win, because Ethiopian are to lose in their victories. What is at stake? -- the future. We know how marxists do see the future and we know their experiments in the 20th century. I guess, Ethiopia wants to learn her own lessons. The 17 years of Dergue weren't enough; now very much like Mother-Russia up north they want to test the nationalist variation of the socialist themes.

Well, they have good reasons to be confused. Marxism never was hold accountable for development of socialist ideologies, including national socialism. The socialist structures in European or American societies are not for public discussion. Look like Marx was right after all -- we all will arrive to communism one way of another without even knowing it.

The future? Well, wait for the full development of the Unites States of the World, when each country will be governed by all, then Ethiopia will get herself a (democratic, whtever it will mean by then) government...

Perhaps I should correct the title of this page -- Ethiopia and the notion of the national will be destroyed by the injection of the marxism in it. It did it to big nations and it will do the same with nationalities. It could be new national identities (Eritrea) or the old (Tirgey, Oromo, Amhara) -- the result with the be same, because at the end class principle puts one part of the group against another within the same group. Ethiopians have to separate between Tigrey and Woyane, because they sense the tribal marxist separatism goes beyond ethnic lines. If the national idea was supposed to overcome the difference between rich and poor, powerful and powerless within the same group, marxist tribalists have to divide in order to hold the power.

The differences between Eritreans and Tigreans will be emphisized and enforced. The last two years of war and thousands of dead will secure the division even if there was no division before. The marxists cover themselves with the naional dresses, because the naked marxism already demonstrated its destructive powers. Marxism was and is the most powerful instrument of deconstruction, the tool of decomposition.

Read the political statements of the OLF, the youngest revolutionary party among the seasoned marxists of the North -- the will notice the same phrases and principle, only the agectives are different. It could be Eritrean documents where the word "Eritrea" is replaced with "Oromo"...

No, there is no remedy for marxism, my friends. You have to grow out of it...

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