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Politics is a new directory and all pages are new (@2000), but the data is not (1995-1997). The May election may change many names on Ethiopian political scene, but some of them will remain.

This is public data and you can obtain it from Ethiopian government agencies.

Visit Ethiopian Embassy website for other official documents, including the text of the Constitution.


The Council, whose powers and functions are defined in Article 84 of the Constitution have judicial powers whose decisions would be final when they are confirmed by the House of the Federation. It would also, after examining claims submitted to it by a court or party to a dispute relating to the contravention of the Constitution by federal or state laws, submit its findings to the House of the Federation for a final decision. Provisions in the Constitution, however, require the Council to follow certain procedures when issues of Constitutional interpretation arise in other courts. According to the provision, if the Council finds no reason for constitutional interpretation, it shall remand the case to a competent court. In cases when it finds no reason for constitutional interpretation, the Council is entitled to decide the case and submit its decision to the House of the Federation for final determination. However, a party not satisfied with the order issued by the Council may appeal to the House of the Federation.

President: KEMAL BEDRI (President of the Federal Supreme Court); Vice-President: MENBERE TSEHAY TADESSE (Vice-President of the Federal Supreme Court); Members appointed by the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE): FASIL NAHUM; GETAHUN KASSA; AHMEDIN IBRAHIM; Ms SINIDU ALEMU; BEYENE BULTI; AMARE AMOGNE; Members appointed by the House of the Federation: Ms AREGASH ADANE (Tigray Region); YONATAN DEBISSA (Oromia Region); HASSEN IBRAHIM (Somali Region)

Of course, the judicial branch of government is not independent and not well developed to be important in discussion of constitutional issues. Perhaps, the new 2000 Parlainment could improve this situation.

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