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Many of the pages in this directory are born out of the polemics which took place on EthioForum. It's not as I do not believe in debates, I myself went through many changes. I do believe in primacy of a dialogue with oneself. Maybe what I say and write can make something think -- and then and only then there is a change of changes.

I hope that the messages can understood without the context. I hope that I preserved the essence of my own process of thinking.

Anatoly, Jan. 1, 2000

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Crown Council, US Policy and EthioForum

A Reply:

Charles asked it, and not only he, but many, do ask the same questions you have. What about emperor's money? How much? I try not comment, why we are not in cooperation with the Crown Council of Ethiopia. This is better place to look for such matters.

We functioned before them and the lack of contacts maybe for the better, since they are a political organization and we are not. I placed links to Crown Council website on our pages long ago and I rather, if the readers go over there read and make their own conclusions.

As I stated several times, I do support the idea of constitutional monarchy and I'm glad that Gregory Copley published the book "Ethiopia Reaches Her Hands Unto God" -- I support everything that preserves the culture and history of Ethiopia.

But frankly, I'm tired answering questions addressed not to me. This "Swiss Money"; which Mengistu in his most recent interview still trying to bring into picture, should be addressed long ago and there are people to ask and answer -- the Crown Council of Ethiopia.

Since I do support the cause of the constitutional monarchy, the silence of the people who are in charge, including members of this Forum of Ethiopians, is confusing. All I do is nothing but an explaination of my own positions and the attacks I recieve on Sellassie and monarchy accounts could and should be answered by the Crown Council. After all, it is the Crown Council of Ethiopia wants to play an important role in Ethiopian social and political life and its leaders should have a dialogue with Ethiopian people. How elese the restoration will take place? Well, unless there are behind-doors deals, which I don't know about and which I would consider a mortal blow to the reputation of the Crown. If restoration of monarchy will ever take place, it has to be because people want it and people ask for it. The constitutional monarchy can be only in the democratic country of Ethiopia (that's what "constitutional" means). To talk about constitutional monarchy without democracy is a nonsense. The return of the Crown to Ethiopia is the process of democratization in itself and indication how democratic this society is.

I read with concern that US congressman advocates on the US House of Representative's floor for the restoration of monarchy. Will Americans do it? It's nobody's business but the Ethiopians. Any outside push would make the gap between the Crown and The People wider. People do not need another institution in Addis, which do not represent them. Especially, the Crown, which has to be trusted and serve as a place of trust to all Ethiopians (something beyond even the Chrch's reach).

No, I cannot be happy reading it -- this is not the kind of help I need for the cause I believe in. This is a bad statemenship, when more confussions are created. Enough of unanswered questions and riddles in Ethiopian political life already. I do not question the good intentions of American politicians and diplomats. I question their expertise and knowledge of Ethiopia.

Look, the ex-US Embassador, like his colleague in Kuwait, had no idea abot the armies moving from the North and when the war began he didn't know who started it. I'm surprised that Ethiopians spared him a shame of admittance that he was recalled by Washington, because he couldn't any longer function in Addis. How much confedence can I have in the US team, trying to break this peace deal betwen Eritrea and Ethiopia? They do not have even their own vision of what this conflict is about and repeat this "border" nonsense.

What can I say about congressman Saxton's call for restoration of monarchy in Feb. of 1999? What a timing! Maybe it makes sense for the National Security Committee of the US Congress, but not to millions of Ethiopians who just lost thousands of lives.

I never bilieved in this revolutionary slogan that goals justify the means. Constitutional monarchy can't and must not be imposed on Ethiopia. True restoration is not politics alone. The Spanish success is based on the need and the will of citizens of Spain. Yes, it looks like king Karlos became this unifying source, but take a closer look at the PROCESS, if you want to understand the result.

I have my problems with any official statements. All the right words are there -- unity, freedom, equlity, prosperity... so in every statement of every party. I guess, politicians everywhere believe that if you say "right" words, this unity and freedom will come.

Words are words. Words are used to express ideas.

"US Congress Call for Crown's Restoration to Stabilize Region" -- do you think that this this is an idea? Why not restoration of Orthodoxy as a state religion? I would understand, if Mr. congressman would call for restoration of the US military base at Kagney; at least this is something that Americans can do, if they can. "Restoration" is not a political task and is not about "Region" but the People. People's minds and hearts. (If American politicians who are not familiar with the institution of monarchy, which a feature of old traditional nations, Ethiopian monarchists should advise Mr. Saxton read some books on the subject what the third pillar of monarchy "The People" is. I recommend Kostantin Leontyev's writing).

I hope readers understand my problems with my US government as far as Ethiopia is concerned. The Crown Council should help them, instead of following the blind. (I already wrote on the subject, you can find it in the old Directory "Politics" @ Sellassie Cyber University).


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