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Front Page is a must for every new directory/site. Very much like Index page or FAQ. You have to explain what people could expect or shouldn't expect.

"Merkato" is the famous open-air market in Addis Ababa and this directory is for business. There is entire site Sellassie Business for business of Web and Internet. Also, Ethiop Village, gifts & etc. -- not doing well.

Why? Good question!

It got the lowest rating at ClickThru Network (I recommend them) -- 2.00... I thought of this site is the place for everything "business" -- books, music, art. I reorganized it (navigation) -- nothing!

What could it be? Meta tags? (Keywords) The server?

The answer is the links; you have to be linked (popularity index). Example, BlackNetworkMarketing.com

Great books written in html for easy browsing: Browzer Books

Try TimeDance to plan your next event!

Search 500 million names at Ancestry.com!

I hope now you understand that this is cyber Merkato and if you want to sell on this market, you must know th new rules. They are the same as always, only much tougher...

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