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Ethiopians and Haile Sellassie: Politics & History
A year ago I thought that it's just a matter of misunderstanding. I made a page politics and even a directory @ Sellassie Cyber University, in violation of my own principle not be political...

I'm still receiving emails from Ethiopians about the evils HIM done to Ethiopia and the money he stole from the country (the figures are always in billions).

All the members of the royal family I know are working people, none of them is rich... When you get so much hate-mail sooner or later, you ask yourself about the minds and fate of Ethiopians.

In twenty five years since Haile Sellassie's death, Ethiopia has more wars that ever in its history, millions of lives are lost, the country is still at war -- if indeed the Emperor was the source of the nation's problems, why Ethiopians are having more and more problems?

Well, the logic, reasons or facts are not about to bother the brainwashed souls. They always will be looking for excuses and Haile Sellassie is a great one -- because he was a great leader. His name and life are well known and a century from now those who are searching for somebody to blame for their own mistakes can find Haile Sellassie I in Ethiopian history.

Every great man has enemies and, of course, among his own people, but the number of them tells you not Haile Sellassie' story, but of Ethiopia's.

It is the same in Ethiopia and in Ethiopian Diaspora. Ethiopians are infected with this denial of their own history...

My answer to all of you who keep sending anti-Sellassie messages -- relax, take care of your own life, make something of your time and do some good for your country.

Personal opinion; Ethiopia will not have peace and prosperity until that time when Haile Sellassie gets his right place in Ethiopian history textbooks.


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