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There are a lot of history pages on Sellassie sites. Most of them are history related. It began with History Road and then with the History Directory @ Sellassie Cyber Museum.

In the Summer of 1998, when we built our first pages, we wanted to preserve documents we have and to make them available to the public.

It took two years to create enough webpages to have online data to use for classes. They are not fully organized into courses and perhaps it will take another year to form them into formal courses.

The pages describing Sellassie Online classes are @ EDU Directory, but the formal enrollment won't be offered until 2000-20001 academic year. And, of course, first we will run some trail courses.

At the moment we are looking for instructors will to teach online areas of their expertize. We do not have staff or paid administration and therefore it takes much longer to put our plans to action. If you are willing to work with us without compensation until we know that we can charge students for online classes, please, contact webmaster@sellassie.zzn.com

Ethiopian History is planned to be one of the first subjects to offer and we want to start with the 20th century, because most of our online material is about Haile Sellassie I. It is important to learn the facts and the recent past in order to understand the political problems Ethiopia is facing today.

Get involved, subscribe to uSellassie egroup or to CyberSellassie Forum to stay informed. This is a long term project and it will take several years before it will get fully institutionalized.

Bt not means Sellassie Online intended to replicate the existing Ethiopian Studies programs. Our target is rather narrow: we want online community and especially African Diaspora to have a learning source.

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