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Fikare Iyesus is nothing but one of the apocrypha books. Many of you might ask: "What the heck are apocrypha books?" Apocrypha books are the compilation of the commentaries, and suggestions of the early Christian believers regarding their faith. When the early Christian believers were writing their commentaries, they were quoting some verses from the bible, such as verses from the book of Revelation. Even though these commentaries included some biblical verses, they were not one of the Inspired books of the Holy Bible.

During the 4th and 5th century A.D., Christianity was spread in Ethiopia by the so called "Te-Se-Atu Qidusan--the Nine Saints" from Syria. These Nine Saints also brought the Apocrypha books and introduced them to Ethiopia in addition to the Bible.

Soon after that, Ethiopians said: "If the Syrians wrote their commentaries regarding our Christian faith, and if the Greeks also wrote their commentaries, and if the Romans also wrote their commentaries, why don't we also write our own Ethiopian commentary?", and they wrote a lot of commentaries and compiled them as books, and one of the books they called it "Fikare Iyesus".

In this book of Fikare Iyesus, Ethiopians mostly commented or "prophesied" about future events. Some of the "prophesies" even included what kind of king(ruler) would assume power in the later ages in Ethiopia. That was why emperor Tewodros felt he was the foretold king in Fikare Iyesus, and he lambasted all the anti-Tewodrosian groups. That was why emperor Menilik felt he was the foretold king in Fikare Iyesus, and lambasted the European imperialists. That was why emperor Haile Selassie felt he was the foretold king in Fikare Iyesus, lambasting all the anti-Teferian groups. That was why President Mengistu Haile Mariam felt he was the foretold revolutionary leader in Fikare Iyesus, lambasting all the anti-revolutionary groups. That was why Meles Zenawi felt he is the foretold College-Drop-Out leader in Fikare Iyesus, lambasting all the anti-Agamean groups and deporting them all from Ethiopia back to eritrea.

Amazingly, there is a "prophesy" in Fikare Iyesus which states that "in the later days there would come a leader in Ethiopia who liberates Ethiopia and the whole Africa from all the cockroaches and unites the whole Africa as one nation under one leader. And that leader is called Prophet-king."

Moreover, that Prophet-king seems to be around the corner to take over and liberate the whole Africa from all the cockroaches around the Y2K. There should not be a misunderstanding that that Prophet-king uses not the European Calendar but the Ethiopian Calendar. So by Y2k he means the Ethiopian Y2k.

Fikare Iyesus' "prophesy" was so far fulfilled for Tewodros, Menilik, Haile Selassie, Mengistu, Meles Zenawi. The next one will be the fulfillment of the prophesy of the Prophet-king who liberates the whole Africa from all the cockroaches around Y2k.

Prophet Nebiy Ezekiel nezkiel@yahoo.com

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