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Part I. Ceremonies
Title Page


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Part II. History

The pages are messy; this is the nature of writing online (blogging) -- you have be exteremely disciplined, you have to remember what you wrote, you have to know what you wrote without reading it!

part I

I have to finish the love story of all times (see Intro). Not of Solomon and Sheba, but her son Menelik and his father Solomon.


On her journey back the queen gave birth to Ebna-Hakim, or Menelik. The royal youth, after being brought up in Ethiopia, was sent to Jerusalem to receive his father's consecration; he was anointed as the sovereign of an Empire which stretched from the of Egypt to the West, and from the south of Shoa to Eastern India. He had the Solomon ring with him when he stopped with his caravan at the walls of Jerusalem. The city was in a panic seeing how many camels, horses and people were at the gates. Menelik stepped out to greet them and they went away in fear. In the King Palace they saw their king -- again! "Our Lord," they cried, "We see the miracle! We know that you are Master of Spirits, but we never saw two of you before!" Solomon knew that his son was here. He exchanged his dress with one of his servants and gave him his royal costume." Only then he sent his people to call Menelik.
At Menelik's departure from Axum his mother Sheba gave him a silver mirror so the prince could look at his face and recognize his father instantly. Menelik walked into the Throne Hall, passing a humble servant, and without even look at the man on the throne young prince took out his silver mirror and gave it to the servant. Solomon took the mirror and looked at it, and then Menelik took off the ring with the seal of Solomon and gave it to his father. King Solomon cried and embraced his son.

After months in Jerusalem, the days with his father passing to young man his wisdom, one morning the pigeon flew into the Palace and the bird had the tears of Sheba on its wings. The son knew that it was time to return to Axum and rule his kingdom. Solomon loved Menelik so much that he wanted to keep him in Jerusalem and to make him his heir. Menelik's heart was torn apart between his love for his mother and his father. His new friend, the son of the High Priest, said to Menelik -- "If we take the Holy Ark with us to your kingdom, God would bless it as bringing the faith to the New Zion." So they took the Ark of the Covenant from the Temple and together with twenty sons of nobles and Levities fled the city.
Solomon called his generals and with the army went after the youth. At the shore of the Red Sea the king's army caught Menelik and his companions. The prince fell on his knees in front of the Ark and prayed. And the waters of the Red Sea boiled and opened the bottom of the sea as in time of Moses. King Solomon stopped his men and Menelik with his followers crossed the sea. When the waters closed the sea became pure crystal as tears of Queen Sheba. They both knew that it was the hour when the fair Belkis died.

That is why from that time a new Emperor, on horseback, has to appear before the daughters of Axum, who bar his way with a length of cord. He has to challenge them three times before cutting the cord with his sword. Then the people all say: "Verily, verily, Thou art the King of Zion, son of David and of Solomon!" Only on such a day the Ark could be brought under the light of the sun, so the new Emperor could be blessed.
The last time it was done for Negus Tafari who became a new Emperor of the New Zion, the 225th descendent of Solomon and Sheba.
Good stories never end and never die.

Should I tell you the next story, yes, the part four? All right, I will, but you must find it on our ArtCookBook pages by YOURSELF!

Books on Ethiopia: * All historical quotations are from Bulatovich' book.

Another example, here's a recipe for turnip, potato, and leek soup.

1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
5 cups vegetable stock
1 cup (about) milk
1 turnip (about 12 oz), peeled, cut into 3/4" pieces
8 cups thinly sliced leeks (about 5 large; white and pale green parts only)
1 large potato (about 10 oz), peeled, cut into 3/4" pieces

1. Melt butter in heavy, large pot over medium heat.
2. Add leeks, turnip, and potato. Stir to coat.
3. Reduce heat to very low. Cover and cook until leeks are translucent, stirring occasionally for about 30 minutes.
4. Stir in vegetable stock.
5. Increase heat to medium.
6. Cover and simmer until turnip and potatoes are tender, about 45 minutes.
7. Working in batches, puree soup in blender.
8. Return soup to pot.
9. Thin with milk to desired consistency.
10. Season with salt and pepper.

Serving Size: 8

new: Ethiopia, the Unknown Land: A Cultural and Historical Guide + Black Women in Antiquity (Journal of African Civilizations ; V. 6) + People of the Plow: An Agricultural History of Ethiopia, 1800-1990 + Eritrea and Ethiopia: From Conflict to Cooperation + Survival and Modernization, Ethiopia's Enigmatic Present: A Philosophical Discourse + Ethiopia: Breaking New Ground (Oxfam Country Profiles Series) + A Saint and His Lion: The Story of Tekla of Ethiopia
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