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2004: A hare lived in a country where there was no other kind of animal. "There is no animal as big as I and none whose voice can equal mine," he said to one of his friends. "That is true," replied the other, for they had never seen another. One day, hearing a lion roar, the first hare said, "I shall cry like him." "Good. I'll stay to hear you. Cry!" said his friend. "Listen," said the hare, and, swelling his chest, he cried. His friend said to him, "The lion's voice is strong; yours, on the other hand, cannot be heard." The hare became very angry and said a second time, "Watch and listen how I cry." And under the illusion of roaring like a lion, he split in two and died. The same fate awaits the poor man who vies with the rich. —Amharic fable eFood

Changes: "Classic" Ethiopian Cuisine?

Food Arts: Ethiopian History and Culture

Real cookbooks have over 1000 recipes!

Moto: Cooking is an Art unto itself!

Muslim, African, European influences on Ethiopian cuisine (chapter?)

Influence of the Ethiopian Orthdox church:

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Table Service and Settings

Food, Preservation and Storage (note)

Containers and Utensils (pix)

"Servants" (many hands were available) should be replaced with friends to make it a communial event (*)

List "Breakfast and Dinner" ONLY

List main ingredients by category

new -- Cooking Techniques

Advice to Am. Cooks (write)

45 percent Ethiopian Orthodox
35 percent Muslim
20 percent Jewish and people who hold traditional beliefs that reverence all living things

Political and economic situation: Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa, yet it is one of the world's least developed nations. A recent war with Eritrea (Ethiopia's neighbor to the north) makes the northern border region potentially unsafe, and the Ogaden region is dangerous due to clan fighting and armed banditry. The country is working to develop a stable democracy.

Land and climate: The economy depends on agriculture, but the land is prone to droughts, so famine and extreme poverty are common

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Best, out of print: Exotic Ethiopian Cooking, Publisher: Ethiopian Cookbook Enterprises, 7409 Carol Lane, Falls Church, VA 22042 USA, Copyright 1993, ISBN 0-9616345-2-9

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eFood a spongy and bland bread, with peanut veggie stew.