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Taste of Ethiopia
ISBN 0965462668

Merkato Publications International
$17.56 paperback, 1996
All Ethiopian recipes! Buy it at Books-for-Cooks.com


[Editorial Reviews]

The publisher, Ethiopian Cookbook Enterprises,
August 13, 2000

Enter A World of Ancient Tradition and Timeless Delights...

The mystery, the enduring adherence to tradition, the colorful tapestry woven by a proud people--this is Ethiopia. And Ethiopian food is like the Ethiopians themselves: spicy, Subtle, provocative, and most of all, unforgetable.

Anyone Who has had the privilege of sampling Ethiopian food knows that there are a thousand and one delights to be found in it. Anyone who has not had the glorious opportunity to do so has been missing culinary pleasures that have excited the palates of diners for centuries.

Now, for the first time, (First edition 1987) and in his revised extended edition 1994 ( Exotic Ethiopian Cooking) Daniel Jote Mesfin, a noted Ethiopian economist and worshipper of his native dishes, has written a comperhensive book of Ethiopian recipes that tells you how to prepare and serve each dish to bring out its full flavor and enable you, your family, and your guests to savor every succulent morse.

In Exotic Ethiopian Cooking, Mr Mesfin brings to your table the secrets of fine Ethiopian cooking, from appetizers like Anebabero (Ethiopian pizza) and Qwalima (Spiced Sausage)to traditional chicken and beef dishes such as Yedoro Infille (Chicken Dipped in Hot Sauce) and Salayish (Shredded Beef Stew). Mr Mesfin has included 178 recipes covering a wide range of meats, chicken, fish, breads, vegetables, and alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, in 310 pages of easy-to-follow directions. And many of the most popular dishes are shown in 42 full color to help you appreciate their beauty as well their flavor.

In Exotic Ethiopian Cooking, Daniel Jote Mesfin has brought together the essential ingredients of Ethiopian customs, tradition, and fine dining. This collection of recipes, from the Old World as well as the New, is unsurpassed in its clarity, its ease of use, and in its comprehensiveness.

The communal dining traditions of Ethiopians, eating from a common platter, may be new to many of you, but they provide an experience of closeness and congeniality that many of us have forgotten.

Mr. Mesfin instructs readers how to prepare and serve dishes in the finest-Ethiopian traditon. His backgroud into the origins of Ethiopian cooking, and his guidance on the subtleties of Ethiopian dining prove invaluable, not only to adventuresome novices entering the world of Ethiopian cooking, but to experienced professional and amateur chefs as well.

Mr Daniel Jote Mesfin, is a native Ethiopian, introduces the Western world to Exotic Ethiopina Cooking to honor the rich tradition of his heritage and to unveil an aspect of Ethiopia that has gone largely unnoticed amidist his country's well-publicized problems.

In Ethiopia, Mr. Mesfin was a reasearch officer with the Agricultural and Industrial Development Bank. He has received degrees in Economics from San Francisco State University,& Reading University, Oxfordhire, England. Presently, he has returned back to his home land after 18 years of excile life and now serves as an economic consultant, performing project evaluations and identifications, and feasibility studies. He is married and is blessed with two children a daughter and a son.

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