Abba Ewostatewos (1273-1352) He established a monastic order in Ethiopia before leaving for Armenia in 1338 as result of religious dispute. His followers returned to Ethiopia after his death and founded monasteries. Ewostatewos is often shown with other Ethiopian saints.

Abba Gabra Manfas Queddus (died circa 1430-33) Although foreign born, he was a popular saint venerated in Ethiopia. He is perceived as being especially forgiving of sins and depicted as a monk and a hermit, whose body is concealed by hair, surrounded by wild animals. In the museum's icons he wears a robe and lines portray the hair.

Abba Takla Haymanot (c.1215-1313) of Shoa Evangelist and founder of a monastic order. The most commonly depicted or consistently identified local Ethiopian saint, he is generally depicted as a monk, sometimes with one leg (not depicted in the museum's icons).

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