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I have to open FAQ pages on all our websites to make your and my life easier. Read it, if you want learn more about our websites or to communicate with us. I use the web as a tool and designed our sites for that purpose. Sellassie WWW grew over the last twelve months and I need assistants to maintain and develop it as the community place. If you are interested, check Projects & Jobs
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If you want to subscribe to our Sellassie Family Web mailing list to know the news, go to Sellassie Forum -- OneList: http://www.egroups.com/group/sellassie).
Specific Information -- your best chance to be answered is to be a member of Sellassie Forum and post your questions for all list members; there are people who can answer you better than we possibly do.
Of course, you can unsubscribe yourself at anytime.

Links and Banners Exchange

All sites have "links" pages, but they are for new not sorted yet links, which usualy moved to the subject pages. Please indicate the category you are submitting to. Since all our links are reprociprical, you have to tell me where I can find the link to our sites, before I place your link on ours. The same with the banners.
You can post your link on our AdLink pages, but I do not review them.

Where to Submit your site for review?

ODP Directories: Regional: Africa: Ethiopia: Society and People
Regional: Africa: Ethiopia: Society and People: Diaspora
Society: History: Rulers and Royalty
Society: History: Rulers and Royalty: Africa
Society: People: Celebrities: Royalty

This is Netscape Project and can go to http://dmoz.org/Regional/Africa/Ethiopia and sumbit your site (Ad URL). You can suggest a new category and if I have many requests, I will open it.

Ethiopia101: you can submit your URL and post your messages on discussion board. See How to Use Ethiopia101

Chat? You have to be on our mailing list to know when we are on-line. Usually it's only during the The House of Sellassie Internet events.

ICQ -- I have it and do not use it.

Commercial Banners: whatever our websites will ever earn goes to the House of Sellassie Fund, read Projects & Plans. Haile Sellassie Fundation is not registered non-profit organization and your donations are not tax-deductable, but if you use services of our sponsors, money go to the Fund.

Guest-Pages: Academic (Dr. Zewde Gabre-Sellassie), Artist, Musician (Issac Haile Sellassie).

Copyright: "fare use" = texts, images, sounds could be copied with our permission. My files on our pages are by the author's permission for our use only. We ask that you post the credits and links back to our sites.

Reference Pages: References at Sellassie Family Web; each site has this kind of pages.

Who is Who? We started it as our family home page and if you check the family directory, you can see it. Now we all have our web resposiblities...

New: Children of Jah -- Reggae Pages.

Also, see Ethiopia @ Absolute Authority

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