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If you are willing to partcipate in a phone interview (20 min. max.) "Ethiopians and Rastafarians," please email Esther Sellassie Antohin with the phone number and time to call. Thanks.

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Not purefiction.com, but purefiction.co.uk. A site for writers and readers. The writers 'stream' includes articles and a fairly comprehensive list of UK publishers. (TK)

Brooklyn, New York. Editor: Thomas J. Hubschman. International online journal of intelligent essay, short fiction and review. FREQ: Quarterly. NEEDS: Articles, essays, short stories and reviews taking advantage of Internet's interconnectivity, and sharing the thoughts and experiences of its users world-wide. Specific preference given to Third World writers, both residents and expatriates. LENGTH: 1.2K-4K wds. GL: Email submissions in ASCII format. Multiple submissions, simsubs, and previously published material all okay. PAYS: $15-$25/piece. RIGHTS: Buys the right to publish and archive electronically, plus one-time print rights. Copyright remains with author. RT: Days to months. Average is six weeks. TIP(S): "We publish both well-established and novice writers, but they all write well and have something to say. We do edit, sometimes substantially, either because the piece requires it or because the writer is not all that comfortable with English. We are looking for well-rooted pieces, writing that is very much of its time and place--Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, etc." (SS)
URL: http://www.dorsai.org/~tjhubsc/gowanus.html
GL: http://www.dorsai.org/~tjhubsc/response.htm

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New Books
Work & Power in Maale, Ethiopia

The Qemant:A Pagan-Hebraic Peasantry of Ethiopia

People of the Plow:An Agricultural History of Ethiopia

History of Ethiopia

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