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Learn how to learn: What we learned in high school and college will not support us over the next decade. Economist Paul Zane Pilzer, predicts that adult education will become the largest industry in North America by 2005. We must learn how to obtain and integrate information and skills quickly. Computer-based and web-based training will abound. What do you need to learn now? Where and how quickly can you gain the knowledge or skills?

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Think globally: No longer can we afford to think and act locally. We must have a broader vision. We must think about how our vocation, our business and our industry will operate in a global economy-because it does, or soon will.

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Embrace change: Be open to the dramatic changes that are occurring. Saying it shouldn't be or making judgments about what's happening is counterproductive. Open yourself to enjoying change. As the Zen Buddhists say, "When you're falling off a cliff, jump."

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