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Dramatics Magazine, 2343 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219-2815, PH: 513-421-3900. Fax: 513-421-7077
PUBLISHER: International Thespian Society/Educational Theatre Association.
EDITOR: Don Corathers. AUDIENCE: Dramatics is an educational theatre magazine published since 1929 by the International Thespian Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of secondary school theatre. Primary readers are high school theatre students and teachers. CIRC: 42,000 FREQ: Monthly except June, July and August. NEEDS: four to eight articles for each issue, 800-4,000 wds in length. Articles are accepted on any area of the performing arts, including film and dance. A typical issue might include an interview with someone who has made a significant contribution to the theatre, an article describing some innovative approach to blocking, costume design, or set construction, a survey of leading theatre schools describing what they look for in students, and a photo spread, with copy, on some ground-breaking performer or theatre group. Short news items, book reviews, and humor pieces (if they're funny) are also part of the mix. We print at least five one-act plays per year. We do not reprint plays, and plays should be performable in high schools. RIGHTS: First publications rights (unless other arrangements are made with the author). One-time, non-exclusive rights for plays. PAY: On acceptance, honoraria of $25-$400. Payment based on the quality of work, amount of editing or rewriting needed, length, and inclusion of photos or graphics. Contributors also receive five free copies of the issue in which their piece appears and may obtain additional copies at a minimal charge. SUBMISSIONS: We prefer to see finished manuscripts but will respond to query letters. SAMPLE COPY: Send 9x12 SASE (5 oz. first class postage, currently $1.21). RT: 6 wks (or notifies authors if a longer period is needed to review). TIPS: Best advice to potential contributors: check out a sample copy and get to know the magazine before you pitch us. "The test we apply, in deciding whether to accept an article, is whether it would engage an above-average high school theatre student and deepen his or her understanding and appreciation of the performing arts."

URL: http://www.etassoc.org/dram-mag.htm
Guidelines URL: http://www.etassoc.org/dram-mag.htm

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