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Educational Tours: Ethiopia

"Enter the Global Classroom with EF! Nothing brings education to life like firsthand experience. EF Educational Tours gives students and teachers the opportunity to discover new places, cultures and languages on group travel adventures.

For teachers whose vision of education extends beyond the classroom, and for students eager to visit foreign lands with friends, we invite you to come study, explore, and marvel at what our world has to offer."

from EFTours

Join us for an interactive virtual journey as we explore the mysteries of the Ancient Ethiopia.

Tourism? Why not to go on an educational tour?

Travel and understand our world. On Ancient Ethiopia educational tours you experience the cultures, learn languages, make friends, and gain a unique perspective on your own country.

Sellassie website is where it all begins. Browse our itineraries, chat with travelers, check your personal account, and apply to go on a tour. Come enter the Global Classroom!

Lowest prices, best travel value

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SCU can help you!

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We can build a tour for any interest.

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Welcome to the EF Culture Café! Not your average café, here you can expand your cultural awareness, prepare for your trip, and chat with travelers from around the country.

Surf our Cultural Bytes for fun facts about all our destinations, useful foreign language phrases, and quizzes to test your cultural savvy.

Head to the Departure Lounge to find books, movies and CDs from different countries, hotel descriptions, travel links, and pre-departure preparation tips.

Every month you can join exciting travel-related conversations lead by EF staff online. And if you don't have a group yet, what are you waiting for? We can help find you one."

Earn College Credit on an EF Educational Tour!

In a partnership with Eastern Washington University's International Field Studies (IFS) program, you can now earn college credits for going on an EF Educational Tour!

You will be able to choose from several different courses for one or five transferable college credits. The courses are based in part on readings, exercises, personal observations while on tour, and either travel journals, photo-essays, or research papers.

Courses are offered on the Credit/No Credit option and tuition fee is $120 per credit. A letter grade may be granted if a written request is submitted to IFS prior to overseas departure. Credit will not be granted unless both the academic and travel phases of the program are successfully completed. Credits earned are university-level and will appear on an official EWU transcript.

Apply online or download and print the EWU registration form here. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the document

For a brochure with detailed course descriptions and requirements ask your teacher, contact IFS at 1-800-924-6606 (8am-5pm Pacific Time), or visit their website.


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