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If you are willing to partcipate in a phone interview (20 min. max.) "Ethiopians and Rastafarians," please email Esther Sellassie Antohin with the phone number and time to call. Thanks.

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On-Line Basics:
  • Virtual Classrooms are accessible through the Internet (WWW)
  • You do not need to log in at any specific time during the day. Courses are "not real time"
  • Most online courses are 6 Weeks Long
  • OnLine Courses Require a lot of Reading
  • You Must Participate in Classroom Discussion at least five out of seven days during each week (including weekends)
  • You Must Purchase Textbooks for all OnLine Courses
  • Class Discussion Takes Place Throughout the Week (including weekends). Instructors regard student participation very important and will grade accordingly.
  • Term Paper is Due at End of Course
  • Final Exam is Due at End of Course
  • Assignments and Structure Varies from Course to Course
  • Always Check the Course Outline at the Beginning of Each Class for Assignment Information and Due Dates

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