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Contacts & Connections

Spring-Summer 1999
There are several "contacts" pages on several different sites. Originally, I didn't think that this type of information (addresses, phones, emails) will be much in request. Now I try to systemize them under different titlings -- Politics, Diaspora, Ethiopia, etc. Please, search the directory with the the same title, if you are looking for contacts in this category.

If you have webpages with the data, which can be used by the readership of the Sellassie WWW, send us your URL or add it yourself to our link-add pages.

Thank you.

Pages on Angelfire (WebRing)

If you still have no webpage of your own, try Angelfire -- very reliable server! (up to 5M, if you are new to the web, you don't need more).

Dr. Charles Bryant-Abraham, The Hon. Knight de Bryan: Interview with The Archbishopric of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahedo Church, Jerusalem, Israel. (Message Board: The Anglo-Irish Sept of the Knight de Bryan. An American Family Organization. This is the place to post messages about your Clan or Name).
Dr. Charles Bryant-Abraham is the Secretary General of the House of Sellassie.

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If you are not new to our pages, you might noticed already that Sellassie websites outgrew its original format; they are more and more service oriented. Perhaps, this is a nature of the Net. As a result of it, the pages have commercial links. Please, use them (and report if the links are broken). All commissions go to the Sellassie Foundations and the charitable projects.

Use the guide-pages for navigation. Write what you want to see here. Write your own articles and send them to us.

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Also see pages: Religions of Ethiopia, Antiquity, History Guide.

Diaspora: Contacts
Address, phones, emails. For more links visit Ethiop Village --select "Interactive" and add your links!

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Also, see other CONTACTS pages! Use the submission services!

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