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The manuscript was rejected by too many publishers and agents for me to try to fix it. I agree with them -- too many voices, not focused, unreadable...

I hoped that somehow it all will come together if I keep working. I keep working...

It doesn't help.

Next year -- Y2K (see Chapter "2000"); twenty five years since HIM death.

Notes on the book belong to Web, they will never make to print. There is the line between Notes and Texts -- the story.

Usually writer's notes are published after his death. I publish them before the book itself is published. Is it a reversed event chronology or I am indeed dead? Could it be both? I always liked to read writers' notes (Chekhov is good), I liked them even better than finished stories. In finished text there is too much glue and cement. In fact, I like ruins more than new buildings. There is no time-trace in things new. I heard that people like new cars; they say that they like "the smell of a new car" -- I think that the new smells the same way. Did you notice that old masters liked to paint naked (young) bodies and old faces. Oh, I like notes....

Jah. Many questions. The Second Coming story never was told.
Christ came again to die without resurrection... Tafari (and Haile Sellassie) didn't believe in it. He had parents and country. Could it be that he died BECAUSE of it -- being a man?

Why can't I admit -- even the near past is gone, including my own first life? Physically disappeared. Half of my life has no reference anymore. Imperial Ethiopia is far more away from the present than Ethiopian antiquity. Haile Sellassie time is truly "ancient regime," he is mythological, not Sheba. No, the radicalism of the century isn't fully understood; I myself is splitted in two! More! An immigrant, migrant, refugee, defector -- I am many. Do you see the continuity in this cracked atom? Isn't that a secret of the enormous energy released?

We enter a new world -- what could be more definite than resurrection, the transfiguration of the real? I feel like a historian looking at my father -- what kind of dialogue can I have with him? His is lost in the world of the POST (modernity). What this intense, full, long life of Haile Sellassie could tell me about my presence, never-mind the future? What a caterpillow can teach a butterfly? My book in Russian, which I brought with me to New York, was never published -- most of it is a matter of personal history. Why should it be published, if not for some "academic" interest? Or should it be a novel? We departure from the present with a speed of light. There must another way to reflect on experiencing the POST-reality.

Early Rasta thought that he won't die -- and they too? In the state of mind I&I death means little. But what does it mean "god as a living man"? What about Christ? A first mortal god. Do I understand the consequences of this thought? They who tired of words, are they capable of making them real? If being a man wasn't tough enough! He tried to be up to this task, without accepting the title of God. Have you try to fulfil the triple task of Adam? Do you know what does it mean to be a king? Not the Disney Charles and Diana, but the patriarch, the father of a nation. What do you think his end was about? It's just a desire, wishful thinking. They don't mean it. Good idea. We have so many of them.

My problems are conceptual. I don't believe that my soul is immortal.
What if I didn't exist before birth and all I do is trying to have it -- the life. Birth is just a chance, a possibility.

Existentialists accepted it with grief and pain -- God is dead. I come from nowhere and vanish forever. Many of them came from the left, some even after being Marxists. Nothing is immortal, nothing! Not unless you make it live. Immortality became our business. Resurrection has this single purpose -- to bring God back. It's God's resurrection performed by us. It's our turn.

The Composition of A Thought:
"Contents" -- thought arrangements? The subtitles won't let short-story to be formed? Not only "readable" but enjoyable! Please, make it simple (work on-line -- it helps)! Stop flirting with the eclectics! Philosophy and prose is a difficult mix. Three (3) books, not one -- and each 400 pp. long? So, let it be. Keep asking: Why do you write it? What do you want to say, man?

Do I defend him? He doesn't need it. I try to understand another single life beside my own.

Studying myself (Resurrection is "do-it-yourself" business): what does it mean to be a Russian, Ethiopian, American? I travel in both directions from my Russian (Asian/European) present: future -- America, past -- Africa. Being an Ethiopian -- something I couldn't experience in Russia or in America. African -- something from the far past.

"King and I": We are connected by chance or fate. I'm writing about something I never experienced. I'm not an Ethiopian, not a black and not an emperor. Why do I write about something I know nothing? Why in English, which is not my language?

"King"? We don't mean what we say. Do I think of myself as a "king"? King of what? Important, full of potentials, capable of leading, but why didn't your Russians listen to you? I thought that is because I can't speak.

More personal STORIES! And images, faces, details... Bottomless -- dark -- eyes. There's more to discover in thinking through a single simple feeling than in pages of speculations. The problem: the two subjects/times clash -- make it into your method. When, how?...

Half a book -- outside of his life. We don't know when life begins or ends. (Is that the reason for such a narrative?)

And the GENRE -- "ethno-history" of Emperor Haile Sellassie, investigation of the months prior to his mysterious death. Chronicles? What is it? (Get rid of the endnotes for each chapter, send them to the end of the book!)

The portraits:
Zewde, brother and uncle, his mother divorced Asfa. At 16 she was forced to marry 18 year old Crown Prince. Or did he divorce her, strong spirited woman who meant to be a nun, or an artist? Without any formal training she painted her big canvases to the last days of her life. When I couldn't find gesso in the summer of 1995, Eleny, the girl she adapted, brought this strange thin home-made gesso left after the princess.
HIM, Zewde, Esther, Bekere, Mengistu -- who are the characters of this drama? HIM -- Photos: with Nixon, Mao, Tito. Is there a price to pay for dealing with evil? He had no friends. Oh, the expectations and assumptions. All the evils now were contributed to him. If only the strong would fall, everything would return to normal. Did we hear it before?

The family: three generations of losers: grandfather, father, brothers and sisters. They are no less the reason for his death than Mengistu. They know it, they are quiet. What if the silence of Peter is more of a sin than the cry of comdemnation? What if my non-written book is a more damaging event than the Russian revolution? Ah, I rather "play" humble, I don't want even to think that my enaction could be so catastrophic. "I am only human" -- what a stupid thing to say! And what a lie -- as if everything in us, our flesh, every single cell is screaming -- me! All I did -- I learnt to deal with this demand.

Even if HIM would accent to the throne by virtue of birth, his long reign should be a proof of his greatness. Could it be that not his mistakes but his qualities are the reason of this denial of his place in Ethiopian history by whose who are now try to walk his path of governing the country? Is this a reaction of unequal in position of equality? Is it personal?

I witness the sellout of the noble. How little we willing to give. Why? Because we received little? This fall continues. There's no recovery, each new generation adds to the downfall. More of degradation, more of de-spiritualization. As if the "noble" idea must be destroyed. (Web -- And 25 Years Later). With all the killing the past had more respect for one soul. King-Idea was a manifestation of this admiration for as single man.

Who said that the strong can't lose? Great man made by defeats, not victories. Coming out of the fall, getting up, overcoming. He was a prince, not Yasu. He knew it, and the Emperor Menelik knew it, when he gave the throne to Yasu. Tafari lost and accepted it -- a strong learns how to take blows. Of course, a weak can win. It happens all the time. How many lucky suckers can win lottery million twice? That's their world of the weak.

His humiliation is far from over. The third generation is about to prove why monarchy has no place in Ethiopia. What do they have to offer? What do they believe in? What do they stand for? And what do they know?


TO THINK: What about recent fashionable reappearance of royalty in Europe? Nostalgia? Fears of the future? Culturation? Making political into historical? Ethiopia has to grow into old modernity before they see the value of this idea again.

Critical mass is needed to get to a level of energy where the resurrection takes place -- explosion. More! Even a small explosion -- a match -- has no limitations. It has to release it all or it dies. We won't let it die. Implosion (Deleuze).

If "freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude" then MORE means less freedom. The traffic jam of history.

Periodization (history and/or his life): Prince, King, Emperor. More "big history" as a background.

From Man to King (Part III). Time of Fascism and Communism -- the 30s.

The Regent: 1917 -- Kennedy, 35th President, born. (H/S came to his funeral in 1963). Russian Revolution; year later the Romanov's family was executed (1918). It was a summer time with butterflies and flowers. The sky was blue and air full of smell of fresh grass. The Romanovs spent a year waiting for the execution. The Bolshevicks didn't know what to do with them, the living past...

Emperor: 1930 -- DuMont's television broadcast in NYC to private homes, August 20. Manchuria -- Sept. 18, 1931. Japan began occupation of China.

Death: 1975 -- The fall of Saigon, South Vietnam no more.


And finally, hear me, the past never vanishes. Didn't Ethiopia manage to keep everything, while adding the new? Till now? No, come and take a closer look, the past lives within the present. One glance at our treatment of Law and Order could reveal the same attitudes and structures which were developed by the monarchy model.

From a revolt to revolution? What is the SUBJECT of this book? Is it over? Not in America, the true leader of the bigest revolution in history.


The very idea of race is a racism. How natural is racism? Or is it about strong and weak? Class?

White Africans in antiquity (Greek diaspora and Romans). Like on Internet. We don't know the color of Aesop. Now -- Iceman married his pre-historical past: African Studies.

Pan-African -- Sun People are dark. Deconstruction of color: grey? Afrocentrism. No, the world without the center (capital), focus, heart. Don't melt, ad -- Deleuze, again. Postmodern already got a bad name, too many ride in on the pack of this animal. How else can I look at the modern if not from the outside of it.

Minority? Whites -- 10% of the global population and in the begining of next century whites will be a minority even in USA.


Chasing the runaway history: the third world is trying to catch up. The next century would give a different picture of the world. The super-powers are out and the regions are in. The Rising Asia was first.

Ethiopians had no history without kings and they don't know how to accept the republic -- corrections and re-writes of the past.

Africa -- a place where the two concepts of the post-modern clashed. Africa was a third world, a territory before the modern. Europe was the space of modernity. Africa had to cover the history -- modernization and post-modernization at the same time. What a mess!

All aboard! What about the ones who was left behind? Japan was a model for H.S., no the opposite.

Rich & poor. Traditional society knew separation between living and work. Don't we work all the time, too?

Cause and Effect:
Reverse chronology, the other order! First Death, birth later. Resurrection model? Going back is an archeology. What is the drama? We already know the facts, do we? We know the end -- do we know the motives?

Important to understand; knowing isn't enough. Understanding his drama? Going back in time to understand the logic of history. Each chapter is a question -- why? Reliving. Is going back the only way to learn about the future?

What can we say about 2050? It's not here yet. And yet many features of today and the past will make it into the future. Which ones?

1997, 1999 -- today. Where is he? Even Rastas accepted his death. I am writing about him. My death in 1995.

Is 1991 an important date? To explain what took place (and didn't) in 1995.

The famine and the end of communism (1985) because of the event of ten years before.

He died (1975) not because of revolution (1974).

The sources of revolution are seeded in 1960.

Future comes from the past? 1960 -- because of 1935. He lost the war because the country wasn't modernized (westernized). He tried to make it modern and produced revolutionary in the elite.

What if I could prove to you that the past is determined by the future? Have you heard about the Bible? Future is our desires and they are in the present. Our wishes are born from not being contained. Our dreams are consistent, we want -- and we dictate from the future how the past must die. Remembering the past? Who does ask for it? The future.

No, you still don't know how life before birth and after death looks like!

"Dedicated to All those who have suffered and who suffer at the hands of a race with strength but without knowledge of mercy." (Henry Darley dedicated his book to them.) A British wrote it. Could be said again. Today. Are they Abyssinians in Addis? The same Tigreans, some might say.

Ethiopia history is a history of civil wars. Ethnic, not civil.

Semitic Gurage (between Gibye and Awash) from Tigrey; Galla came in 16 century and separated them. Shoa (Shawa) -- mixture of Gala and Amhara?

(Race.nts.) 2050. Race is no less a construct than ethnicity. More so! Very recent! Why do we need it, ah?

There were many good reasons for attacking capitalism a century ago. Those are still there, the reasons.

Oh Lord, how tired I am of words without subjects. Society, humanity, race. What is that? Just opinions! What do we mean by "race"? Very much like the pushed into minds of millions those trade names -- Pepsi, nikies... what is McDonald? A service. Product is to follow. Thanks to pm we stopped this optimistic idiocy greeting everything new... Did we?

I'm tired of traveling the same road established by modernity. The convenience of highways is the eliminating of the travel. What could be discovered on American road? Faked discourse with the invented worlds and words, something to place into the holy of holiest -- the thinking machine, my soul.

The Russian Connection?
Extraordinary Mission from St. Petersburg. The end of the century. Russia was late. Only the Soviets tasted Africa. Not for long.

Lieutenant Bulatovich, first with the Russian Red Cross as Adwa. Second time with the mission in 1898. From Addis down south to Shankala (Negro) lands.

Nobility and Family: Dead, very dead. Monarchy is dead. No, no --"which" monarchy? -- Outside and inside. Samples? The electronic groups, parties in Ethiopia, even the family circle. Nobody is interested in monarchy ideals. No grounds and no human material... Why? It's an ideological crisis, the idea was dead before he died. Modernity, starting with French or American revolution, has different ideas about society.

Many interesting parallels exist between the Russian and the Ethiopian imperial finales. Including the self-deterioration of the royal family. The articles of Ethiopian constitution on the rules on succession are the most antiquated and complex (#3 through #25). The whole first (longest) chapter of the constitution (out of eight chapters) is about the succession to the throne. Kapuscinski makes no distinction between the court and the throne. (Part One of the boom "Emperor" has the title "The Throne"). Unfortunately, the second pillar of the empire (aristocracy) is missing in most analyses.
Absolutism of imperial power asks for centralization and Sellassie himself over his long reign destroyed the powers of aristocracy. Russian aristocracy was destroyed long before the self-destruction of the royal family.

[over 80 percent of the land was either in small holding or in communally-held land] "* In the north, vast areas were owned communally by the peasants. With some exceptions in the south and west, most of the arable lands were held by small property owners. In the southeast, as in the Ogaden, the lands inhabited by the migratory populations were government-owned. The concept of private property was irrelevant to the nomadic peoples. In the central regions the same person could be at the same time land-owner and tenant and tenants were not bound to the land as in Imperial Russia." (Spencer 346)

He was a soldier. Portraits in different military uniforms.
A profession -- ashkers (assistants of the soldiers, servants), they carried the rifles. Then the master was gone, they were left with the rifles. Gondari -- Tewodros soldiers.
Life as war: convicts as slaves and also the prisoners of war, the source of labor.
(Read for 1935: Deleuze, G. and Guattari, F. (1993) Nomadology: the War Machine.)

The class relations are sexual, as everything about power and domination. The property idea smells with erotics. Sword and phallus. Of course, man has to kill, who else has to do it? Woman? Child? Now we taught them to drive and kill -- they vote. The jury, the humble executioners. Electric chair? What a joke!

(TO WRITE IN: 1995) The moody gods of Kaffa (became a part of the empire in 1897), Sidamo. Gypsy beauty. African gypsies? PICTURES. Sun stroke. The red soil.... Saytan (the Devil) maitan. Salom, Shalom -- Arab, Hebrew. How did this greeting make into the language? Why was it left in?

Lilabela: Tomb of Eve and Tomb of Adam. Where else? Not in Jerusalem, not in Europe. Nobody claimed that they have it. Only Ethiopians. Images, thoughts, people, topics -- that's how to hold it together. No flesh, not in yet, structure only and beats of meat (quotations) -- not ready. Very little is described. I can't see it, can't follow it. Not good, even as a journalism.

How to write about it -- dairies? Oh, the temptations of the web! It would be nice to make the book in traditions of old manuscripts, before they met the printing press. With drawings, fancy lettering, something of a scrap book, yes, but I won't dare, I will continue to pretend to be a legitimate writer. For my comments on myself and my writing I have another place, another Website.

Anatolyís pre-existence is no less interesting subject than his after-life experiences. And itís already exists, the future (read the physics textbooks). My immortal soul is no less an attribute of me than my body, even more so. Actually, I donít think so much about my body... conception is an amnesia of the immortal soul, necessary forgetfulness to enter a new physical reality. A soul has to become a child to learn. The rest is recalling its origins. Are there ďunlivedĒ souls and how different are they from angels, who canít be born?

Do you want to face a paradox? All right, both parties are right. There is no Anatoly outside of my mortal span of existence -- and my visit to this world is shorter than a dream. How both could be right? Because I myself is the biggest paradox of all. Oh, yes, I can choose one or another thought, because I have both in me. Being a mortal or immortal is a matter of personal preference and both choices have its disadvantages. Our modern minds prefer absolute mortality not so much for scientific reasons but for simplicity of it. It makes you focused, makes you work harder to utilized the limited time you got. It proved to be very effective in accelerating the progress. Thanks to atheism we have TV and telephone... and human rights. Yes, we have to value each and every individual, every worm body, the smallest piece of flesh (we call it genetics) -- we donít have this so-called eternity, we have to get it out of a limited period of time. I like this appreciation for time and temporality. Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong with atheism, because atheism applies all the concepts of the classical theology. Teleology for one; we didnít reject the logic, cause and effect and even the ďwillĒ theory. We made metaphysics applicable. Electricity as a phenomenon with its laws and principles always was out there, but unused. Why not to make use of it?
We talked enough about gods, why not to produce them? We have the material -- us. What wrong with mass manufacturing of the divine? I donít see anything sinful in developing actual virtual reality. In fact, I admire atheists for their working attitude toward God, I see many of them in paradise. Yes, my friends, itís possible to denounce God in order to serve him better.
In my writing you will find a lot of references to one of the most famous atheist, Karl Marx, because he didnít die. We like to call it ďmarxismĒ (Marxís ideas), but I think it is no less him, than Mozart in sounds of Mozartís music. Oh, it was the best moments of their life when the sounds and thoughts were born! Oh how happy they were then, I can see and hear it even now, I witness it every time I meet them. Anyone who ever experienced such moments knows that they are true life. Aristotle would call it the essence; the rest of my life belongs to the realm of accidents. I donít see eternity anywhere else besides human soul. My heart is the answer to silent desires of nature and universe to be forever and ever. My youthful fascination with physics ended with a realization that cosmos needs me to beat the laws of thermodynamics. I am a meta-environmentalist, I see how everything living begs for me to assist, because only I have it -- the immortality.

In order for me to exist, history has to proceed without accidents. It has to make it way through all the right turns to arrive to moment of its destination -- my life. It had to go through thousands years of complicated and bloody evolution to deserve me. Oh, the world work hard to get to the point of having Anatoly. How many obstacles were overcome! My mind refuses even to grasp those labors of nature in its desire to have me around. Why? Why do you need me so badly? I ask. Your love must be so great if you were willing to go through the troubles to have me. What do you want me to do?
And here is the interesting part, the free will. I could do nothing. I just can say: Oh, gosh, thanks. and that will be it, no questions asked. Youíre welcome, be my guest, enjoy it. What a generous consumer policy! I can even kill myself. One day will do it, but till I get my answer. You see, I canít take it off my mind that Shakespeare and WW I were nothing but a preparation for me. Thatís how I understand why I wasnít born earlier -- the world wasnít ready for me.

Now you see why I canít agree with the idea that Iím an accident. Because itís me. Because itís impossible! Itís only intellectual concept, stupid! Everything else in me rejects this theory! Listen, at some point my mind and rationalism have to give up. When I am hungry I can understand it, but the hunger doesnít go away because of my understanding. Neither pain. I only can admire Buddhists and Decart, but never envy them.
It was said already that Marxism is the most valuable contribution to Christianity in modernity. Marx replaced Godís will with historical determination. My personal free will as before is in know it and following it. There are accident at all under the sun of reason. Disagree? Thatís why you are not a leader. Thatís why I donít have money. The will of the market (yes, people) should be my want -- and Iíll be rich and famous. Yes, youíre free to discover it, the future. Itís done every day by the army of Marxists who call themselves ďcapitalistsĒ (sign of respect for Marxís major work, ďThe CapitalĒ), they call it ďmarketing.Ē Capitalists are the practical communists; they donít insist that I must desire something I donít have a clue about (future, the good of human race and etc.). Capitalists apply marxism wisely, they try to understand what I want and what I want but do not know yet about it. I see the communists squarels with capitalism on managerial, not ideological levels -- communists never had enough patience to brainwash me, they are too short-tempered. Instead of heating your brains, they heat you on the head. It works too, if you can get away with it.
But how did I effect WW II? Down to a small detail which secured my arrival on the scene in 1949? Do I have absolute control over the past? Like God. You see, Godís relations with future are different; he has plans for the future and when they become reality later they are nothing but the past for him. The past is always result of the future, according to this logic. Read the documents (Bible): all five days of creation were nothing more than a preparation for the last day. Creation of man wasnít the last, but the first thing on his mind. Please, nothing paradoxical about this fact. My birth is no less predetermined than my death. In fact, I had to be born in order to die. There is no two ways about it. My death dictates my presence and my birth. Instead of repeating ďeverything born diesĒ we should remember that ďeverything that dies must be bornĒ!
I think we are too emotional to comprehend it, we are insulted by the concept of death, we do not see that death is our guaranty for living. Remove death from my life and I am not so sure that I ever could be born. My death made it happened. We donít like to die as we donít like to pay -- we want to have it free. Think how crazy life would be without death! Do you still wonder why mortals are superior to angels? Without death immortality and eternity are meaningless! Without death there is no God!
Do we read the same book? I thought that the expelling from paradise and death were Godís gifts, which only look like punishment. Hey, we were ready for it, we always are, we have this potentiality of death in us. Angels donít. I can die at any given moment and gift of death makes me human.
I like that Christianity made death into a culture, even named itself after the dead man. I understand Neitzscheís anger because death makes us strong, not weak. Actually, I donít want immortality without death, itís a nonsense! Why do you think death was the last invention of the Creator? It was his best!
The good news is that death doesnít need an apparatus of propaganda. Itís always there for you, something you can rely on.
Is death unpleasant? Not death, but the dying.
But why think why is it so? Because of the resistance, stupid! Hit your head against the wall and see how pleasant it will be. Death is not a rape, itís natural and must be desired. Your death has nothing to do with your life, if youíre not happy with the way you lived what your death has to do with it! No wonder that so many wasted lives around, when they donít know where to place their blame on. Death is a great teacher of discipline. without it we would have no brains. Everything great I saw in my and other lives happens because of the existence of death. Death is the great producer of beauty.

Book of Death wasnít a planned project. I simply got tired of this death bashing. We ready to protect everything -- children, minorities, environment, but what is this war against death for! Why do you think death doesnít need protection? With the cloning and all the successes of medicine death should be on the list of endangered spices. with our super and hyper-technology we might very well to eradicate death, God forbid. The results will be catastrophic! I can see it disappearing already, the humanity.

Look, I donít see anything morbid or gothic in death. I donít see darkness and tears. I donít see even mystery in it. I see death as an event I donít want to miss. I want it to be MY death, not somebodyís else. Iím not talking about being dead, but my relations with death. Death is no less important than a college degree, it deserves some attention. Death should be treated with respect, intellectually. Death should have it place in our value system, gentlemen. Death should be celebrated and I have a proposal.

If the rest of the world is govern by chaos, it destine to vanish, it has no future life.

What about luck, lottery? How could it be pre-determined?

All I did I followed the HS mindset.

Interpretation (QM) is a part of an event. Meaningful v. meaningless: your choice. Neither will satisfy your soul (existentialism), the choice is useless, too. So, what did you say about ďfreedomĒ? You have it only while you are a mortal, my friend.

He was born to be last king. Did he know it? Did he tried to fight his fate? How did he know that it was the end? Did he? Haile Sellassie I -- First? Who can name himself The Last?


Selam All,

What is the Amharic equivalent for the following
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Send E-mail 

Thanks in advance

Margin and E-mail in Amharic?..

I come to this door and turn away. I stand next to it and I afraid to open it. sometimes I heard sound behind the door; I know what is behind. Did I think that the ghosts of the great past could help me? I tried it all, including this book. I thought that I invest myself into the Other I can have it -- the family. It was natural before, why canít I have it too? I fear to open this door, I never told you H.I.M. is a love story. I wanted to get through the exotics and discover how to have it today. I have family once before, this ďunit of societyĒ -- male, female comrades and their child for the state. Not this time! I wrote a bad novel, I tried to hide my questions from myself.
ďExitĒ was written in red above the door. ďEmergency only!Ē When you exit this metal door, it shots behind you and you can re-enter it. you use it once, the alarm goes on, because it is an emergency. Is it? Why canít I stay longer? Because I didnít want ďSovietĒ or ďAmericanĒ family, I wanted my family. But is the emergency? Why donít you use the front door? Leave this empty home the way you came in. I canít find my way back. I travel this strange castle for so long, I donít know anymore how to return. I know that there is no way to return -- all doors are one-way only. I tried, they all are locked, there is only one is left, this one.
Of course, I know what I am doing, writing this book. That much I can understand. No, the world outside is familiar to me, I came from there -- the world of single souls. I know this world better than many, I tried to build my home, because I know what is not home. Oh, man! How could you fight your fate? Itís not personal, itís the way life is. Now and forever.

Well, what about your love story? Was there a story? Tell us about your love.

It is dark in here.

All love stories are about people. You wonít find in the New Testament a single love story. There is no description for the love God had for Mary. No mentioning how he met her, how he noticed her, how he watched her. Not a word about his fear of rejection and trembling heart. The angels sent to Mary -- that is the most disappointing moment. Man in love doesnít do it. Man in love wants her, not his son. I donít understand it. I donít understand his choice -- and nothing is said about his reason. Why does she have to be a married woman? Yes, I donít like the story.
Of course, I remember that Christ promised it -- the destruction of family. The Church-building centuries created the alternative: family of strangers. Loving all! I love you, man! Any other ďloveĒ is prohibited. Didnít I know that wife must be against husband and husband against children? I thought that she is from another world, that I can resist the times... ...

Selam Tadesse

Here is my equivalent translation. Tirgume yerase new.

>Header====='yerase terze"
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>Send E-mail 'meleaket melak"
Well, next time when some Ethiopian would like to understand it, he has to ask for a translation back from Amharic to English. They want to save their language, they still do not know how to read the book of Revelation from their TV screens. ďE-mailĒ translation: ďimailĒ! Nothing but misspelled English; Ebonics, you know.

Message I had no heart to send it to EthiopForum.

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