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Towards a Fuller Vision: My Life & the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
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Ethiopian Cross Pendant Pewter - 1.5 x 2

Enoch the Ethiopian: The Lost Prophet of the Bible : Greater Than Abraham, Holier Than Moses

Enoch, the Ethiopian, Patriarch and Prophet, Greater than Abraham, Holier than Moses, is the first perfect human being in the bible and the first immortal man according to Moses the lawgiver. (Gen.5:18,22,24) And yet he has been kept a secret until the printing of this revealing book.

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Ethiopian Art: The Walters Art Museum

The volume contains fine reproductions from the largest collection of Ethiopian art outside that country, held by the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore. A text on the life and religious practices in Ethiopia by distinguished Ethiopian studies scholar Getatchew Haile and another by Jacques Mercier (Ethiopian Magic Scrolls) on the country's art history provide an introduction to the people, culture, and art of Christian Ethiopia and set the stage for an understanding and appreciation of the Ethiopian influence in works evocative of the religious art and iconography of Byzantium and Russia. Insightful contributions by C. Griffith Mann (The Visitor's Voice) on the role of various religious symbols in Ethiopian culture pay tribute to the technical skills of the artisans and place the artifacts within the customs and practices of that country. Offering useful information and delightful images for the student and enthusiast of world civilizations and cultures, this book provides, through an Ethiopian experience, a uniquely global perspective on the art of the Orthodox Christian world. Recommended for academic libraries.

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I'm not working on Ethiopia101 much, this site has some kind of identity crisis. Yes, each website has its own directions and if you let it grow "naturally" each page can find its own shape.
What is wrong with this one?
I left Haile Sellassie name aside deliberately, I thought that Ethiopia can be a big enough subject in itself. The country is the third in population in Africa, there is an ongoing war... plenty of topics for discussion.
Something was missing in Ethiopia without Haile Sellassie. First, the past. The link with the country's long history. Second, the future. Yes, sense of directions.
Let me explain it.
Today we live in condition of totalitarian democracy. We do not have statesmen anymore, our presidents are like us, mixture of flesh and weakness. They have no calling, leadership is just a job. We fear you, possessed souls.

Tafari was born in different era and he had his mission. There was Ethiopia's past, present and his vision for her future. When the rest of Africa was nothing but the colonies with their future shaped in capitals of Europe, he thought that Ethiopia through modernization can find its future and, yes, one day even compete with the great powers.

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There is one thing he didn't want to give up -- the past. Why would someone, who advocated the new technologies, try to keep this ancient stuff about Solomonic Dynasty or even Orthodoxy? He became a regent in 1917, when Russia crashed its past and even renamed herself! Look what wonders this "liberation" can do! If you want to welcome the future, forget the past!

Haile Sellassie tried to do it right. The centralization of the government, unification of the many parts culturally, not only by the power of the army. "Amharization" was a tool for a statesman, this culture and language was dominant long before he came to power. He change his dress code, Ethiopia was facing the world -- who could doupt it after the war with Italy?
Yes, it was he who turned this former colony Eritrea into a province of Ethiopia and to this day I can't understand why the Rome rule was better than of Addis Ababa? Only because Eritreans are more advanced than many of other provinces of the country? Because they were no match for Italians, but can challenge the "Africans"? Italians believed that they are in Africa. Haile Sellassie thought that they are Ethiopians, not Arabs. The war in the Horn is still going on.

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I call it Ethiopia101 because I wish that our websites could give a visitor enough information about the country to cover the basics. Ethiopia doesn't respresent the entire continent of Africa, but in many way it does represent its history.

What is Ethiopia's future? Poor or not Ethiopia was the star of Africa through the 20th century. The change came in the sixties.

He raised a generation. He educated them, he needed the leaders. They came from the universities of Europe and US... and they had their own vision of the future. They were radicals. Their modernization has no place for the past. They wanted it now and here.
They were no statesmen, they had no patience.

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I have to finish it later. Good night.
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