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Scott Weiland - The lead pilot - Latest news

Mars, 1997 : Scott Weiland is Currently working on his solo project. Word has it that Scott Weiland dropped off a tape chock full o' new songs at the office of a higher- up at Stone Temple Pilots' label, Atlantic, this past week. However, no one can say if it's a tape of the recently- rumored Weiland solo project, new Magnificent Bastards songs (which Weiland told us months ago he had a slew of), or possibly even STP material. Our guess: it's new Magnificent Bastards songs. We'll see...

Word has it that the indie label that we told you Scott Weiland is starting is now going to be called Foxy Dead Girls...

July 16, 1997

Allstar correspondent Corey Levitan reports: As if Scott Weiland wasn't facing enough grief these days, what with his Stone Temple Pilots mates gushing over their new band Talk Show, somebody apparently used his name to rent and trash a Music Express limo in Los Angeles Tuesday night (July 15). Weiland's manager, Arnold Stiefel, received the same call we did, claiming that a freaked- out Weiland had torn up a rented limo and was facing trouble with the law. Stiefel says his first instinct was to phone the Burbank studio where Weiland was supposed to be recording his solo album all night. "And there he was at the studio blown away by the story," says Stiefel. "This was really weird, particularly since Scott is a guy who has pulled his life together and is working hard. And the story sounds like such a likely Scott Weiland story, based on previous things." Music Express would not provide details, other than confirming that the person was not Weiland, and a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department says no one named Scott Weiland was arrested in L.A. county Tuesday night. "We're trying to get to the bottom of this," says Stiefel...

August 15, 1997

Scott Weiland is rumored to be using his brother Michael on his forthcoming solo album, for which Atlantic Records still doesn't have a name or release date...

September 09, 1997

The first project to come from Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell after the band's breakup in April (allstar, April 9) will be a cover of the Catholic hymn "Ave Maria" for the holiday benefit album A Very Special Christmas 3, due Oct. 7 on A&M. He recorded the song with the seminal L.A. band Eleven. Cornell will also contribute "Sunshower" to the Great Expectations soundtrack, which also features Tori Amos, Scott Weiland, Pulp, and others. A release date for his solo debut album on A&M has not been set yet.

November 19th, 1997

WEILAND has nearly FINISHED HIS SOLO ALBUM, scheduled for release in mid-March. The working title of the band and album is "12 Bar Blues." Meanwhile, his Stone Temple Pilots mates, who have been working without Weiland as Talk Show, aren't ruling out another STP album for next year.

December 05, 1997

It seems STP is not as "done" as some might say. It seems they will be recording another album, due for release in late 1998. The album is rumored to be called "Silly ways in silly games". Robert Deleo is quoted in Circus Magazine as saying, "We will not let STP fans down." And, from what I understand, they will be returning to their more "Core" like sound.  Stay tuned folks...

December 15, 1997

Scott Weiland Solo Set Highlights Gimme Shelter Benefit

Scott Weiland took his much- anticipated solo material for a road test Monday night. The occasion highlighted the 7th annual Gimme Shelter benefit, held at L.A.'s Roxy nightclub.     Backed by a band he introduced as the Action Girls (Peter DiStefano of Porno for Pyros and Daniel Lanois on guitar, Brad Meldau on piano and Victor Indrizzo on drums), Weiland bulldozed through six songs from his forthcoming Atlantic album. Tentatively titled 12 Bar Blues, the disc is being mixed by Lanois to meet a March 17 release deadline (allstar, Nov. 18).

    Visibly nervous at first, Weiland was smiling by evening's end, as the sold-out crowd roared its approval of unfamiliar but heavily grooving numbers such as "Son," "Barbarella" and "Lazy Divey," which sets the nursery rhyme "Mares Eat Oats" to a glowering beat reminiscent of the "I need a fix" segment of the Beatles' "Happiness is a Warm Gun."

    Most of the words were hard to decipher since Weiland's voice was muffled in heavy reverb it didn't really need. But the lyric of "Divider," an elegant opus layered over a mild bossa nova beat, clearly addressed the singer's infamous toxic career detour: "She knows the way to the doctor. She calls him up when the itch gets bad."

    Looking thin but healthy in his red satin shirt, black- striped tie and heavy eye makeup, the lone Temple Pilot bade goodnight with his "Cool Kiss," which navigates a heaving chorus of "kill me, thrill me," then drifts off into drug- invoking bliss before crashing back into a sirens- blaring climax.

    "The crowd seemed really receptive," Weiland said backstage after the show, in a tiny room also populated by Anthony Kiedis and Martyn Le Noble. "I think it got a great reaction. It was a great way to make an introduction."     Weiland added that he's so pleased with the chemistry of the Action Girls, which formed and rehearsed for the gig in the space of two days, that he wants to take them on tour this summer.

December 16, 1997

Scott Weiland Wraps Up Solo Album, Due March 17

The album is due March 17 on Atlantic.    According to a label spokesperson, Daniel Lanois was slated to remix four or five songs with Weiland. "They're in love with each other," says the spokesperson. "A&R is contstantly telling me it's a goddamn love fest. Daniel was brought in to work on mixing, but you never know what will happen in the studio. He could end up with production credits too."

   The album is being produced by Weiland and Blair Lamb, who has worked with Sheryl Crow. Weiland, who plays everything from piano to guitar on the album, is backed up by drummer Victor Indrizzo, who played with Weiland in Magnificent Bastards and also worked with Redd Kross, Masters of Reality, and Samiam, as well as guitarist Jim Gilman of the Los Angeles- based unsigned band Chicken Hawk, and two Porno for Pyros members -- bassist Martyn LeNoble and guitarist Peter DiStefano. The album is peppered with bongos, accordion, and vibrophone.

   "Vocally, you go, 'Oh yeah, that's Scott,'" says the spokesperson. "You can't escape that voice, but musically's it's different [than Stone Temple Pilots]." The spokesperson also notes that Weiland is antsy to start doing press for the album and hit the road. No tour dates are planned yet.

   As for the indie record label Weiland previously said he wanted to start (with possibly Chicken Hawk on the label), the spokesperson says it's still something he wants to do, but that he plans to focus on his solo album for now.

December 17, 1997

  WEILAND'S future solo project has a tentative release date of March 1998, but in the meantime he'll have a NEW SONG on the Great Expectations soundtrack that was produced by the Dust Brothers and features members of his side- project band the Magnificent Bastards as well as Sheryl Crow, who plays accordion. The track "Lady Your Roof Tears Me Down" is the second single, after Duncan Sheik's "Wishful Thinking." The album will be in stores on Jan. 13 on Atlantic with radio getting an earful in mid-December.

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