The Engagement

(Click here to see the joys of the wedding, since it happened on 6/10/05...)

Well, well, well... who'd have ever thought that I would be engaged by the time I was 22? I certainly never expected it, but I guess that's how life is! And by "how life is," I mean beyond exquisite! Beyond getting engaged by the time I was 22, I have been blessed enough to have found my soul mate. Oh, come on! No gagging! I know I seem as though I am being revoltingly cloying to the extreme, but it's true! Just ask my sister! She always says that we deserve each other! I, of course, choose to view that in a positive light, rather than the somewhat less-than-flattering way in which it is screamed at us in sisterly fury... heh...

     Here is some background on the ring: Will received it from his mother a short time after she found out that he had proposed to me because she had received it after her grandmother passed away. Here's the kicker- Will's great grandmother's name was Sarah as well, AND the ring fit me perfectly without being changed at all. She got married in 1912, so this ring has to be close to 100 years old, and I think it is beautiful that it is being passed down through their family like this.

     My sister Caroline will be my maid of honor when we finally get to the actual wedding time, which will be June 10, 2005. Here she is preparing to be the maid of honor for her friend Shira's wedding a couple of years ago. Isn't she pretty? My other bridal party participants will be Brenna, Ida, Ree, Newy and my cousin Laura.


Check out my wedding journal to stay up to date on the insanity that is my life right now. Really... I'll get something done eventually.




And I have a dress! People keep asking what it looks like, and all I can ever think to say is "it's white..." (duh). And now... be AMAZED!

Yup, that's right. I remembered to scan AND post the dress! Ain't it purty?
I have no idea why the model looks so pissed in the picture when it's online, because in the magazine she just looks mellow... weird...


Here, also is the picture of the dresses the bridesmaids will be wearing. They'll be sort of a purpley bluey sorta color. Trust me, they'll look cool. Really.

Ok, here's a picture of the material and design we're using for the bodices. The skirts of the dresses are made only of the blue fabric - no lacey stuff.

Help me out and vote one which cake (shown below) is the coolest/prettiest/whatever! I'm trying to decide what kind of wedding cake I want...

View cakes 1-4 (left to right); click on the thumbnail to view the full size picture!


     Well, now that the wedding has occurred, I must make a new page to show pictures and tell great stories about the fun! Check out Da Wedding Stories!!


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