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Disciples Of Zor Web Ring


Welcome to the home of the Disciples of Zor WebRing Homepage. This is a service reserved for all the DoZ members with homepages. If you wish to join the WebRing, or just look around at the many sites, feel free. Maybe one of these sites will inspire you to build your own and join up. We are always looking for any new sites. Of course there is one major rule you must be aware of, this is a service set aside for DoZ members only! If your not a member, but want to join the WebRing, use the link below to go straight to the DoZ WebRing submission page. It will take about 2 weeks for them to add you to the mailing list, and you will offically be a DoZ member.

The html code you will need to place in your site is below the submission form. Please read the instructions above it, then copy and paste it into your site.
This is a public service brought to you by the great people of DoZ, so please support them!

If you have FULLY read and understand these rules, and want to be apart of the DoZ Web Ring, click the link below.




If your already a member of the DoZ Webring and you wish to edit your site info, such as you URL, e-mail, keywords, site description, and password, CLICK HERE

Here's the links to: DoZ submission form for non-members, The Robotech Message Board.

DOZ Member submission form:Click here to join DoZ if your not a member.

Click here to go to The Robotech Message Board:The Robotech MB

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You are theRobotech fan to visit this sight God knows when. I think 6/5/97, I THINK!

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Questions? Just e-mail me using the link below, or come visit me at the message board. I waste most of my time there. A link to it is above, just above the link to my new Robotech Page.

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