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Welcome to my webpage dedicated to the greatest cop show ever made. 21 Jump Street originally ran on the Fox network from the years 1987-1990, and then ran in syndication from 1990-1991. You can currently catch the show on the FX network at 6pm eastern and 5pm central. I am going to try to update this page every day, so check back often. Here's a list of the characters and actors on 21 Jump Street: Captain Adam Fuller- Steven Williams (seasons 1-5) Officer Tom Hanson- Johnny Depp (seasons 1-4) Officer Doug Penhall- Peter DeLuise (seasons 1-5) Officer Judy Hoffs- Holly Robinson (seasons 1-5} Officer H.T. Ioki- Dustin Nguyen (seasons 1-4) Officer Dennis Booker- Richard Grieco (season 3) Anthony McCann- Michael Bendetti (season 5) Joey Penhall- Michael DeLuise (Season 5) ____________________________________________________________________________

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Last updated 8-10-98

  • Not much of an update.Just added a new picture I got to the main page.Soon I'll be uploading a TON of NEW pics not seen on any other site!!

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