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Ǣ£θ - New Release!

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[1] Hymns that transform! - Ţè !

A collection of 30 articles in Tamil on 'naalayira divyap prabandam' an anthology of poems by 12 Vaishnava Azwars

ġ Ǣ 3 θ Ǣ " " Ǣ Ӿ ̾. 漸 â , Ţ ӾĢ¨Ÿټ Ǣ츢! â ġ ĸ ơ , Ƣ, Ƣ Ƣ ⾢ š Ҿ. Ǣ , Ǣ Ţâ츢 " Ţè ". áŢ ž š Ƣ ǡ šǢ Ҿ Ƣ¢, Ҿ 񧽡 θ!

Content: Naalayira Divya Prabandam and Sri Vaishnavam is introduced in contemprory tamil. The life and message of 12 Azwars, poet-saints of Tamil country is revealed!

[2] Tirumandram - a medical & scientific outlook! - ȢŢ !

Content:Tirumandiram is not only a highly revered religious text but it is also a source of ancient science. Thirumoolar gives an excellent sex education and teaches human embryology in detail! This is a multi-media CD with beautiful drawings, music and the entire 9 volumes of Tirumandiram in text form!

, ⾢¡ Ǣ¢θȡ. ø, θǢ ý,  â Ҿ Ţ ͸ȡ! 漸 â Ƹ , 9 ̾ !

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