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"WELCOME to Malaysian Transsexual Resources."
The intensions of having this page is to share and learn about the common problems
facing by transsexuals especially in Malaysia and the world outside.

"Why is my reflection someone I don't know?
Somehow I cannot hide
Who I am Though I've tried
When will my reflection show Who I am inside?
When will my reflection show Who I am inside?"

Mulan soundtrack "REFLECTION"
Vocal: Lea Salonga
Music: Matthew Wilder
Lyrics: David Zippel

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"All sex organs are what is called 'homologinous'. This means that they are all made of the same stuff, just shaped differently. Before birth, before a baby is fully formed, all humans are proto-female, a kind of state that is mostly female, but also a kind of neuter. They have labia, they have proto-changes from this stock form into a full female...not much change...or into a boy...a little more change. To become a boy, the baby has has the proto-ovaries drop down into a sack form of the labia sealing together. This forms testicles in a scrotal sack. However, the testicles could just as easily have become ovaries...and the scrotum is just a pair of labia fused together to make a sack. The material is the same. It is the same cells, the same stuff. The clitoris is just a penis that never grew, or, just as true, a penis is a clitoris that grew way, way huge. The same thing, same stuff. Our body is a carriage. We ride it in, but the person inside is the owner, the driver, the point of even having the carriage at all. Only the brain is ever 'really male or female, because that is where sexual identity exists. The body could be anything, but it is the person inside the body that knows what they are. The body is just so much meat."


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A special report by Marie Claire magazine on the Transsexuals issue.

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Latest Nooz:

__/2/01 Sunday The Star (Local Newspaper)

Ministry to treat transsexuals with dignity

__/10/00 (______) The Star (Local Newspaper)

Convict undergoes sex-change op

__/10/00 (______) Malay Mail (Local Newspaper)

Transsexual robber gets jail switch

15/8/00 (Tuesday) The Star (Local news paper)

Royal Airforce pilot undergone sex change

Malaysia Edtion of MARIE CLAIRE (July 2000)titled "The Third Sex".

usefull info on local TS news

27/6/00 (Tuesday) The Sun (Local news paper)

Transsexuals in China face prejudice and medical incompetence

23/6/00 (Friday) The Sun (Local news paper)

Varsity bars sex-change dancer

CAIRO, Thurs: A court here ruled yesterday that a belly-dancer who was once a man may not pursue her medical studies at the popular Al-Azhar Islamic university. Sources said the judge decided that Sally Mohammed Abdullah Mursi, had misled a court that supported a petition she filed last year to be allowed to continue at Al-Azhar by not disclosingher current profession. Originally named Sayed, Mursi had a sex-change operation in 1995.-Reuters

Yup, i found the news today after i heard on radio yesterday.

21/6/00 (Wednesday) The Star/The Sun (Local news paper)

Vicar gets bishop's blessing for sex change