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The MONKEYMEN are here!!!The MONKEYMEN came from the planet "X" seeking New Worlds to destroy. They sent out probes to all parts of space trying to find a world to take over that can support life,And by luck one of those probes landed on Earth!The picture at the top shows what the monkeymen look like.The guy that took this picture was killed after he got lets have a moment of silence....................................................Anyways The MONKEYMEN have been here for a short amount of time only 2 years...We are at WAR right now with them,The Clinton Sex thing is just to cover up that WAR..And now your wondering how I got this CLASSIFIED information..I got it from an allie in the government lets just call him the Smoking Man.He got drunk one night and gave me the M-FILES........I could be SHOT in the head for giving this infomation out,but I'm taking that chance cause the public has got to know!!!There are hundreds of thousands of MONKEYMEN invading the Earth as we speak!! Do not in ANYWAY try to STOP these great beings because they are very POWERFUL!!I've had a few close calls and got very hurt trying to stop them.

I once made a Robot but the MONKIES were smart enough to take it out.....It really PISSED me off when they sent me a package full of the robot or what remained of it!!!!But I had some good memories of that robot like when The robot pulled the squirming, screaming MONKEY up a full FIVE feet in the air!Then slowly and carefully like a man deveining a shrimp,the robot pulled the MONKIES spine from his back,clipping off the ribs along the way.The MONKEY stuggled and screamed,streming a rain of blood onto the polished floor.When the robot had the spine bared all the way up to the neck ,it used its razor shears to cut off the head entirely!!! The robot of mine tossed the grisly remnant of the MONKEY to me,and when I caught the head of it I remember looking at the eyes of the MONKEY they were all Wide and open,frozen in pain and horror!!!! It was a pretty cool memo huh?But when they Annihilated it...It went to far, this time it was Personal!!!!!!

A few other guys and I were hunting when a MONKEYMAN attacked us...I saw my friends get ripped apart from head to toe.Lucky enough I had a High powered shotgun and blew its head off.After I blew off its head I skinned the MONKEY and now I have its hide hanging on my wall.And each time I think about him killing my friends I beat up that hide BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!And then I CUSS at it!!!!Thats how I get out my hatered towards that MONKEY!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRR............OK,OK,OK I got to get a hold of myself........I WARNED you all now you have to watch your backs for them.

We will see how paranoid you get!!!

If you are a MONKEYMAN,and want to turn yourself In,for a horrible life of government experiments, or if you have a story about them....Or if I saved your life from them by telling this valuable information then please sign my guest book,Or if you have some weird storys that are TRUE(Wink Wink,Nudge Nudge)Sign in my guest book and let me check out your site if you have one!



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