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MIG 1998

Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water
Bangladesh is the
World's Most Vulnerable Country

This page is a contribution of the Medical Information Group (MIG), Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. MIG runs a non-profit Internet access system called MEDINET for the health professionals in Bangladesh. MIG also runs an International Mailing List, mignet to discuss health issues. You are invited to subscribe it.

Arsenic contamination in drinking water has been recognized as the serious public health problem in Bangladesh. Thus, MIG is presenting this page for the whole world to know about it. To access the information please click over the item(s) on left panel.

We have been largely motivated by National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan and Global Information Network (GINC) to create this page.

Acknowledgement: The information for this page is collected from Department of Occupational & Environmental Health, National Institute of Preventive & Social Medicine, Dhaka and Arsenic Contamination Prevention Project, Government of Bangladesh, Dhaka

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