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My Grandfather
Martin Krieg - 1887 to 1979

Welcome to the home page of Krieg Genealogy.  This page is dedicated to the memory of MARTIN KRIEG and his foresight.  The information contained on the Maternal Page is only due to his hard work and dedication to the memory of his family.  Before Martin Krieg escaped the persecution of Hitler's regime, he collected as much family information as his time and resources permitted.  From the information he collected in 1938, I have been able to trace my maternal family tree back to c1815.  Thank you, Opa, for the gift of my family and my heritage.

The purpose of this page is to locate living relatives, and to, perhaps, find connections lost in the past. If you see your name or any familiar names please contact me by email. If your name is here and you wish it to be removed please contact me and let me know. The author does not mean any offence or disrespect by inclusion of this information. If you are at all offended by anything written here, please let me know and I will rectify the problem immediately.

As with all genealogical work, this is a work in progress and not to be confused with the finished product. There will be some information that is inaccurate, if you find this to be so, please contact me immediately, so that I can correct it.

My Grandparents
Martin & Elly Krieg - 1919

Success Stories

I thought I might share some success stories with you. When I first began my search most of the names I was finding belonged to those long deceased. But as time went on, I began to find living relatives, all over the world. Some I stumbled across by accident and some I had been deliberately searching for.

I had been told of a number of relatives that escaped to Venezuela during and after the war but I was uncertain as to how to find them. I contacted the Venezuelan Embassy in Canberra and asked them if they would fax a page from their telephone directory of Caracas. Specifically, the page that would have had the name Krieg on it. I was very lucky, as they did so and, as it turned out, there was only one Krieg there. I called him and introduced myself to him. He turned out to be my mother's first cousin. Since then, I have had regular contact with him and he has been able to fill in some of the blanks in my family tree.

I also knew that there was another family in Venezuela that I was related to, but I was having no luck tracking them down. I decided to put the names into various databases through the internet, JewishGen, Rootsweb and Family Finder. I can tell you, these databases work. I actually got an email from the family that I had been searching for, for 4 years. My cousin was able to fill in more blanks for me.

The internet has many sites available for searches, utilise them all because they work. Happy hunting.

If you have any success stories you would like to share, email them to me. We can help each other this way by sharing ideas.

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This page was last edited June 2016
If you have any comments or questions please contact Elizabeth Krieg