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Another letter mailed by Alfred Kouris to famous African -American Lady Oprah
Winfrey regarding his campaign for a"MIGRANTS' DAY"as a Public Holiday worlwide.

Author of the book entitled : " MIGRANT-The blessing . .
and Misfortune. . of Loving Two Countries ...!"
Founder & Chairman of the International Movement for the Recognition of Migrants as
Aiming to proclaim " MIGRANTS' DAY " as a public holiday worldwide

Address:167 Charman Rd Mentone 3194-Melbourne ,Australia Tel.& Fax(613)95850248
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Harpo Productions
P.O.Box 909715-CHICAGO, IL 60607-USA
Melbourne - April 12, 1999
Dear Ms Winfrey,
Re: International Movement for the Recognition of Migrants as
World Class Citizens, aiming to proclaim " MIGRANTS' DAY"
as a public holiday worldwide.
Would you accept the position of our Honorary President
for such a Committee in the U.S.A ?

I do not really know if my book and this letter will ever come to your attention and even if it does , if you will have the time to read it ! . .Nevertheless, I still hope and pray , day and night , to be fortunate enough to meet you one day. . .
I am so fond of you and your " Oprah Winfrey Show " ! It is so real and relaxing. So original and and exclusive . I watch it on television (chanel 10) in Australia every day.
You are famous !You are marvelous and unbeatable! You are an idol ! You are the idol of all the undefended ,the poor and the underdogs !You are the undisputed champ of the genre, as an African-American Lady.

That is why we want you to be the Honorary President of our International Movement for the Recognition of migrants as world class citizens in the USA. The worldwide contribution of migrants in the development and progress of their host countries has been rocognized the last few year internationally.
More specifically through the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 18th 1990, with the endorsement and approval of the rights of migrants and their families to be treaded by their host countries as equal citizens .

We now believe that it is about time to ratify this resolution and recognize migrants as World Class Citizens , by adopting annually a " MIGRANTS' DAY " to be celebrated worlwide.
The same way as the workers are celebrating their " LABOUR DAY " the 1st of May each year,and people all over the world are celebrating the last 50 years the anniversary of the Universal Declaration on " HUMAN RIGHTS " the 10th of December each year.

In my book -enclosed herewith- entitled " MIGRANT- The Blessing. . .and Misfortune. . of Loving Two Countries , there are many real and interesting documented stories of my exciting life in Australia over the last 42 years, as well as many others all over the Globe. After World War 2,the millions of migrants that landed on the shores of countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia etc have helped turn them into marvelous places we know today, diverse, vibrant, energetic,and more prosperous.

My book , for your information is on sale in Greece, the remainder of Europe, Japan, the USA and Canada. It is also on sale through the Internent and "COSMOS PUBLISHING CO " and/or Fax No: 1201-664-3402 .
It has also been offered to 220 University' Libraries worldwide as a valuable document about migrants & migration , for students and researchers.
The upshot is , many people have written , asking me to take the initiative to organize so- me sort of international campaign to recognize migrants from now on as "WORLD CLASS CITIZENS " . And I don't back away from using that phrase. After all, in their heart of hearts, no matter how well assimilated they become, migrants, rightly or wrong , still feel that they are some how " different " .No matter how well they make a first of it , there is still a little bit of homeland in the heart of every migrant, and I am honest enough in my book , I believe , to accept it as a fact and say :
" MIGRANT - The Blessing . . .and Misfortune. . . of Loving Two Countries . .! "
Therefore lets all of us be recognized as world class citizens and celebrate once a year
our " MIGRANTS' DAY " !

Dear Ms Winfrey ,
Would you accept our proposal to became the PRESIDENT of our movement in the USA?

We are certain that you will select a lot of nice people on your Committee to help you make a successful submission to the US Government for a " MIGRANTS' DAY ".
You have done it successfully in 1994 as an activist in children's rights.
I will be very anxious to receive your reply about this concept , as well as your comments regarding my book .
Yours faithfully ,


P.S. Melbourne , 2nd of January ,2001
To the Private Secretary of Ms Winfrey ,

Please note that since we send you the above letter and book with registered mail on the 12th of April , 1999 until now we had not any sort of reply . We believe that Ms Winfrey for some reason either did not read the said letter , and/or the parcel with the letter and the book has been lost !
Please let me know by fax if you want to send you the same letter and the book again .
Thanking you in anticipation ,
Yours faithfully,
Alfred Kouris