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Author of the book " MIGRANT- The blessing. . . and Misfortune . .
of Loving Two Countries . . .! "
Founder & Chairman of the
International Movement for the Recognition of Migrants as
First Class Citizens

through the United Nations and host countries

Head Office: 167 CHARMAN RD.,MENTONE Vic.,Melbourne, Australia
Tel.& Fax(inter.00613)9585
Internet address:

Prime Minister of Australia ,
c/- Parliament House
Canberra , ACT , 2600.
April 2 , 1999.

Dear Our Prime Minister ,

Please find enclosed a complimentary copy of my book , " MIGRANT- The Blessing . . .and Misfortune . . .of Loving Two Countries. . .! " for your perusal. I also present , for your earnest consideration , my proposal as follows :

I , Alfred Kouris , wish to submit to the Prime Minister of
Australia and his Government that, in recognition of the enormous
contribution made by migrants to this country over so many years, and the
role they have played and continue to play in developing our great nation ,
the Australian Government & Parliament proclaim one day a year as
to be celebrated as a public holiday nationwide , and its recognition be written
into our new Constitution

This provides a great opportunity for you and your Government to be the FIRST in recognising MIGRANTS as first class citizens . By being the FIRST in proclaiming MIGRANTS DAY as a public holiday for celebrations , AUSTRALIA would be setting a great example to the rest of the world , hopefully leading the same to be adopted by the United Nations Assembly .

Prime Minister, in my book , on page 86, there is a full page article I published in my newspaper " New Torch " in September 1988 entitled " Mr Howard , Albert Einstein was a migrant, too. . . ! "
You will remember that at that time you were the Leader of the Opposition and my article referred to your press release on the 19th of August 1988 ,in which you clarified some of the misconceptions that had been written about your theme " For One Australia " and your comments on migrants , immigration and multiculturalism.

Since I arrived in Australia in March 1956 , I have been strong supporter of the Liberal Party, and became an active member in 1965. In 1976 , I initiated and established the " Greek-Australian Liberals Association" and at the State Elections I was the endorsed Liberal Candidate for Brunswick.
All these facts you will find in my book " Migrant ", is a representative account of the world-wide migrant experience.
It captures the essence of migration - hard work , safeguarding family values, trying to mix centuries-old traditions with the relaxed attitudes of freewheling societes , political rows, and religious conflicts .
The passion and drama of trying to get on in a new land is properly escapsulated in the sub-title : " The blessing. . .and Misfortune . . .of Loving two countries . .! "
The worlwide contribution of migrants in the development and progress of their host country is emphasised and recognised almost on every page of my book. This fact is already recognised in many letters I have received about my book ( copies enclosed ).
I am sure that if you could introduce Migrants Day to Australia you will be the most popular Australian Prime Minister , and the best Statesman worldwide.
I will be very anxious to receive your reply about this concept , as well as your comments regarding my book.

Yours faithfully,