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"MIGRANT - The Blessing and Misfortune of Loving Two Courntries"

Congratulations ! Alfred Kouris is awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2006. Click here to see a newspaper clipping.

Award ceremony photo.

Click for image of certificate.

Award ceremony photo.

Read it now. A personal biographical note written in Greek. Click here to read the word document.

Read the latest writeup from the Australian language section of Neos Kosmos newspaper by Dean Kalimniou about the book.

For the International Movement for recognition of migrants as world class citizens and the aim to proclaim "MIGRANT DAY" as a public holiday worldwide please click here.

Alfred Kouris is honoured with an award for
"Excellence in Multicultural Affairs, 2003".
To read the two page flyer please click here.

Alfred Kouris is honoured with an award from the International Biographical Centre - Cambridge England. The award was presented by Nicholas S. Law Director General for "...outstanding contribution to Immigration and Migrants as World Class Citizens". To see a copy of the certificate please click here.

Alfred Kouris has also won in September 1999 a gold medal of "MELINA MERKOURI" at the "2nd Spiritual Olympiad" in Athens, - worldwide competition being conducted by the "International Society of Greek Writers Inc." - for his contribution as a Journalist and Author of the book "MIGRANT" to immigration and migrants in general to be recognised as world class citizens. Click here for an article in Greek.

Also, please click here for the latest article in English from the book launch of 12/07/99

In this A4 size, 448 page comprehensive illustrated quality publication there are 120 black and white and 85 full-colour photographs of Greek Australians who played a leading role in the development of their community and their adopted homeland over the last 50 years in Australia.
The Author also explains the similarities of Greek Australians with the rest of the 7 million Diaspora Greeks who help form a mosaic of friendship, cooperation, cultural richness and peace, dedicating themselves to the betterment of their own lives and the lives of those around them.

To read a recent letter to Mr. Bill Clinton please click here

To read a recent letter to Mr. John Howard please click here

To read a recent letter to Ms. Oprah Winfrey please click here

To read a recent book review from an independent veteran Australian journalist Mr. Graeme Johnstone please click here

An article published in the newspaper "The Sun" in Melbourne in 1984 gives details of Alfred Kouris' campaigns to improve the living standards in Australia and recognises in a way Alfred Kouris' contribution as a migrant towards the said progress.

If you are interested to read the said article from Melbourne's "SUN" please click here to get on your screen a photocopy of the authentic newspaper clip.

Also, please click here if you wish to read the contents of the book.

To view the Translator's note, please click here

To view the letter to the Author from His Excellency, The Ambassador of Australia in Athens Mr. Ross Burns, please click here

To view the letter to the Author from the General Secretary for Greeks abroad
Mr. Stavros Lambrinidis please click here

To view the Author's dedication for the book on page 8 please click here

To view the Preface of the book on page 9 & 10, please click here

To view the Introduction of the book on page 11 & 12, please click here

To view the Quotes from Gough Whitlam (former Prime Minister
of Australia) and Jeff Kennett (Premier of Victoria-Australia)
regarding Greeks in general on page 90, please click here

If you are interested to see how the book has been advertised
in the Greek newspapers, please click here

If you are interested to read a recently published article in Melbourne's newspaper Neos Kosmos English Weekly, published Monday 7th December 1998 (three pages on screen), please click here


See the latest campaign by Alfred Kouris regarding the upgrading of the historical value of the Battle of Crete. please click here


For any further information regarding this book, and place an order, please write to the Publisher "Alfred Kouris ", 167 Charman Rd Beaumaris Vic 3193 - Melbourne - Australia :Tel. & Fax. 00613 - 9585 0248 , or use our e-mail :
for orders to be delivered in Australia ,or any other country except Greece. For orders to be delivered within Greece please phone the daughter of the author Mrs Harrieta Kouris-Moldovanidis :Tel.No (0302)831053765 or fax No : (0302) 831052177. The price for Greece is including postage 28 euro. For pick up from my office in Melbourne the cost is AUD$30. For delivery within Victoria AUD$36. For delivery to Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Tasmania AUD$40. For Perth or Darwin AUD$45. For any overseas country, AUD$75. The above prices are for either versions: The Greek or the English, payable by international draft or post office mail order if you reside outside Greece , or Australia . Otherwise you pay using local payment methods .
A special 25% discount is available for LIBRARIES, Government Departments,
Institutions & Retail Book Shops on request. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery by Post worldwide.

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