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The following are our list of recommended Jewish Sites. Try them and let us know what you think.

The Jewish Magazine
A great monthly Jewish Internet magazine of varied interest
The Jewish Traveler
A great site with stories about various places in Israel
The Jewish Holidays and Festivals
Around the year with the various traditional Jewish holidays and their observance
Jewish Stories
A site with some great Jewish stories with great messages
Jewish Humor and Jokes
If you can't smile from this site, then your jaw must be made of marble!
Jewish America
A mixture of various places of Jewish interest
World Zionist Organization
The top ten Jewish sites
"Heshy's World of Jewish links"
A List of great Jewish sites
613 Mitzvah Page
A lot of Information on Jewish Topics
Worth Checking out


The Jewish Magazine is the place for Israel and Jewish interest articles
Drop a note and add your favorite site!!