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A Place were dangers are untold, and nothing is what is seems.....
" It's a crystal...nothing more...but if you turn it this way,and look into it,it will show you your dreams."
Welcome to the page deticated to the hansom goblin king JARETH and my personal favorite movie LABYRINTH!
Welcome to my Jareth Home Page. My name is Danielle Bowie*bows*This Homepage has Finally been updated, I would like to thank Kestrel, for reminding me on my need to finish my story"Lost Love", thanks Kestrel!:-) I hope you enjoy my page for it did take some time to update since I am rather new at this! I fell in love with the movie Labyrinth and of course Jareth at the tender age of 7 when my dearest mother rented it for me. Well here it is now 8 years later and I am now 16 and I went to my friend Jennifer Stantons house on Valintines day and we watched this breathtaking movie again! And once again I was hooked, like a girl shot by cupid's arow I fell in love with Labyrinth and The Goblin King! If you would like to learn more about this mysterious girl named Danielle Bowie just
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What is the Labyrinth?

The Labyrinth is a wonderful story or you could say screen play written by Jim Henson and Trevor Jones. It is the story of a girl who wishes her brother to be taken away by the mysterious goblin king because he is annoying her with his cries. Jareth obliges and takes the child and Sarah begins her journey through the Labyrinth. She meets friendly creatures along the way...a small troll looking man named Hogel...a big hairy beast named Ludo...and a little fox named Sir Didimus. She makes her way through the labyrinth only to have to fact Jareth which she does with the words"you have no power over me." If you would like to see the labyrinth movie homepage Click here
Or maybe you would rather read it for your self here is the Labyrinth Script
Who is your favorite character in the movie Labyrinth? Well mine undouptably is Jareth! But on the other hand you can chose Sarah? If you want to see the section of my page that holds the Goblin King himself Click here Or if you would like to see my Sarah page Click here If you wish to see some more of the Labyrinths wonderful characters on this list just send me an e-mail!


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Ever wonder what happened to Jareth after Sarah left,what happened to Sarah?Well In the story "The Lands Beyond" you see a authors interpretation of what happened.

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