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Aaron's Homepage

Hi my name is Aaron and I am 9 years old.I am in grade 3. I have 3 brothers Jamie he is 12 and Ayden he is 7 and Corey he is 6. I also have 1 step brother Tristan he is 15 and 1 step sister Jenni she is 14. I play basket ball on saturday mornings. I train on wednsdays after school then i go and train with my brother in the under 10s football team on wednsdays and friday nights. I can not play football untill i turn 7 but i enjoy training with them its lots of fun. We have a Play Station and Super Nintendo we have 4 Play Staion games and 22 Super Nintendo games.I barrak for Carlton they are the best,Go Blues. I like Chicago Bulls and I like the Jet Cars,I like watching The Simpsons ,Street Shark's,Hercules,Xena,Home and away,Neighbours,Rug Rats,We have 2 pet rats named Corky and Porky and 2 Blue Toungue Lizards there names are Nike and Bluey we have three fish also they are name fish , chips and cat.We live near the beach and have lots of fun there in summer, I hope you like my Homepage

I hope you enjoy my links


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