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HSH Fares and Tickets

Fares on Albanian Railways are calculated by distance travelled and are banded into Zones.

Season Tickets are available.

Children between 4 and 14 travel at half price.

There is only one class of travel and no reservation system.

Fare tables are sometimes to be found on posters at main stations.

Day return fares are available for some journies.

Current Fares are posted on the Ministry of Transport website

Fares (October 2003).

Shkodėr-Tiranė: 120 lek
Tiranė-Durrės: 50 lek
Tiranė-Vorė: 30 lek

Older fare information

Single Fares from Tiranė (March 2001)

Durrės: 70 or 75 Lek

Single Fares from Tiranė (Sept 1996)

Vorė: 15 Lek
Durrės: 37 Lek
Kavajė: 60 Lek
Rrėshen: 90 Lek (station now closed)
Shkodėr: 110 Lek
Elbasan: 120 Lek
Fier: 130 Lek
Vlorė: 160 Lek
Pogradec: 185 Lek

Examples of Tickets

1)This example was issued on 18th October 1986 for a journey from Ishem. It is believed that the destination was Tiranë. At the time of issue of the ticket was hand-stamped on the reverse with the issuing station stamp and a hand-written date. This ticket is typical of those issued in the 1980’s. The main heading translates as “Peoples Socialist Republic Of Albania, Ministry of Communications, Railway Directorate”. The ticket has been shown as having been used by a single cut by scissors from the top edge, this would normally be done by a travelling ticket inspector on the train.


In the 1990's a similar sytle of ticket was in use, except that the heading was changed to reflect political changes. The fare was shown as calculation of fare plus insurance.

More ticket examples to be added soon

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