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HSH Railway Network

,Recent changes NOT shown in the diagrams and text below:
The freight line from Milot to Rreshen has been closed between Rubik and Rreshen.
Freight traffic resumed between Bajzë and Han-i-Hotit (Montenegro border) in April 2002 and between Shkodër and Bajzë in March 2003.
Passenger services were withdrawn from the Fier - Ballsh branch around 2000. For some time prior to this (and for some time after?) the passenger service was primarily for workers at the Ballsh oil refinery.
The Cerrick freight branch was reported out of use in 2011.
There now appears to be a second branch line into Durres Port to the east side of the main harbour basin.
Passenger services between Librazhd and Pogradec have been suspended from 2012.

Passenger trains often stop at "freight only stations" for staff purposes.

Passenger services were withdrawn from the Milot- Rrëshen branch from 11th November 1996. Freight traffic beyond Rubik ceased in 1997.

Passenger services were withdrawn from the Fier - Ballsh branch around 2000.

Track damaged during 1997:

Rubik - Rrëshen (abandoned at present)

Shkodër - Bajzë (re-opened for freight, March 2003)

Hani-i-Hotit - Bajzë (re-opened for freight, April 2002)

Construction Abandoned:
Rrëshen - Burrel - Klos (falsely reported as completed in 1989)

Curve at Vorė linking north to east.

Qanë-e-Thanes - Kicevo (FYRO Macedonia)

Pogradec - Florina (Greece)

Lezhë - Shengijn (Port)

Rrëshen - Morinë - Prizren (Kosova)

Branch line to Rinas Airport and completion of east curve at Vorė.

All routes single track.

450 km standard gauge, not electrified.

Rail: 38, 43, 48 and 49 kg/m.

Maximum curve radius: 300m.

General maximum speed: 35-50 km/h, Shkozet-Kashar: 70 km/h.

Colour-light signalling between Durrës and Tiranë, Durrës and Elbasan, Durrës and Laç.

HSH Network page 2 (listing of stations and routes updated only to April 2004)

HSH Timetable

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