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HSH Freight Wagons

HSH has a wide selection of freight wagons - covered vans, flats, tanks and various hoppers, mostly bogie types. A number of these were built locally at the Shkodër Wagon Works. Others are of European standard design and are UIC-registered for international traffic. There are also second-hand hoppers from Germany (DB) and France (SNCF).

The fleet once totalled 2,550 wagons, but only 450 remain in service. In 2002, the total number was given as 834, but not all of these remain in service.

1         2                    3      4                         5
00xx      21 21 660 0 0xx-x    Hcs    Escort vans               2+
05xx      31 41 160 0 5xx-x    Ga-z   Covered vans              ?
11xx      21 41 169 1 1xx-x    Ghs    Covered vans type Ghs 616 ?
44xx/45xx                      (ZZw)  Bogie tanks               134+
66xx                                  Bogie flats               84+
77xx                                  2-axle timber flats       69+
79xx                           (Ks?)  2-axle flats              10+
80xx                           (Fc)   Hoppers, ex-DB            69+
88xx/89xx                             Bogie flats               113+
101xx                                 Bogie flats               34+
110xx                                 Bogie high-capacity vans  74+
120xx                          (Fcs)  Hoppers, ex SNCF          73+
130xx                          (Tds)  Hoppers, ex-DB            74+
9663xxx   21 41 966 3 xxx-x    Uall   Ballast tippers           147+
????                           (Uc)   Cement tanks              ?
????                                  Cranes                    2
Definitions of numbers in header:
1 - HSH Series
2 - UIC Numbers allotted to HSH *
3 - UIC Type classification
4 - Description
5 - Total number owned by HSH, estimated from range of numbering observed
* some wagons carry numbers using the old UIC country code of 21 ALB, 
rather the current 41 HSH. 


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