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Pre-1930 760mm-gauge Network

Velipoje - Shengjin - Lezhë
      Durrës - Vorë - Ishem - Tiranë
      Rrogozhinë - Peqin - Paperr - Strmen
      Lushnjë - Berat

Around 300 km of 600mm, and 750 or 760mm gauge lines for military and industrial use were built 1917-1918. They remained in use until the late 1920's.

Prior to 1945 several other railways were built:

50 km of Decauville line, built 1917-1918. Destroyed 1918.

Private mineral lines of 760mm gauge in the Patok and Sukth areas, built pre-1939, closed late 1940's.

A military line was built in World War II between Shkozet and Lekaj, this was recontructed after 1945 to become the first section of standard guage line.

In 1930 Italian S.I.M.S. mineral lines for bitumen traffic were built inland from Vlorë


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