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Town of Guttenberg

Town Information

Council Meetings

The public is WELCOME to attend all open Council meetings. Open Council meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday and third Wednesday of the month at

8:00 pm at the town hall.

The Mayor chairs regular meetings of council. If at least five members of Council are present, the Mayor opens the meeting for business. The rules governing the conduct of the meeting are outlined in the Council Procedure Bylaw and generally follow Robert's Rules of Order.

Form of Government

Mayor and Council

MAYOR Peter LaVilla

Councilwomen Maria Gesualdi

Councilwomen Joann Martin

Councilwomen Diana Perez-Medina

Councilman Carlos Garcia

Councilman Edward Huebsch


Send Your Whisper in after a Meeting and be Heard!!!!

Guttenberg Town Hall
6808-Park ave

Guttenberg, N.J.07093

Speak Out and be Heard

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