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The Secret Law Of Craving

THE PROBLEM OF DEALING WITH AN INVISIBLE FORCE Craving is a REAL INVISIBLE FORCE that can attack the mind AND body of a human being. The problem is HOW can the mind and body fight and defeat a force it cannot even see? Can we physically run from it? No, but many people will try. There IS a WAY to defeat this force FOREVER when the mind applies this LAW using its own will power, in a NEW WAY, simply as a conversion tool, to turn the craving force into a force that will destroy itself. THE LAW "Any craving force generated by an INANIMATE object, and instilled into a human being's mind AND body, may be destroyed by its very own power." Until now this law has been hidden from the human race. As you will soon see, there are many who would very much like to keep this secret buried forever. THE HUMAN MIND The unhindered development of the human mind is the ideal purpose of human existence on this earth plane. This development is greatly hindered if a craving force is drawing the mind away from its intended purpose. There is a very simple, yet profound statement in the Bible... ..."I shall not want". If the above statement is true, then a craving force is very much like a thief in the night to the intended development of the human mind. THE SECRET The human mind has the God given ability to use will power in a very unique way, to literally turn the force of craving upon itself to destroy itself with its own power. THE KEY Both the human mind and the craving force share a commonality. Both are basically conversion factories. In order for an inanimate object to enter into the human body and mind, it must go through conversions or transformations. As some of these objects are withdrawn, or withheld from the body and mind, they will leave a craving force deeply rooted in the mind. This unseen, very real, very powerful force has brought the will power of some of the world's greatest minds to their knees because their mind's never really learned HOW will power can CONVERT rather than CONFRONT... ... a dangerous force that is determined to attack and destroy, both their minds AND their bodies. The human mind and body, acting together, is a conversion factory. Its existence is based on its ability to convert all kinds of objects or things for its own survival. THE KEY CONVERSION There is a force at the disposal of the human mind that the craving force will wish it had never heard of. That force is called ANGER. THE FORCE OF ANGER Anger is the most powerful force that the human mind AND body may release and direct to an object on the earth plane. Its power comes from its ability to be very easily RELEASED from the body AND mind and DIRECTED to a specific target. THE ROLE OF WILL POWER Will power is the power behind all power as it decides, what, where, when, and HOW any conversion activity will occur. Will power simply has the unique ability to FIRST convert each and every single force of craving into a force of anger, and THEN RELEASE AND DIRECT that force to any desired target. IF will power will simply convert, release, and direct the force back to where it originated, it will, indeed, destroy the craving force with its own power. A CIGARETTE - A CLASSIC EXAMPLE In the beginning, The mind first bothered a cigarette. It moved the cigarette. The mind never thought that a cigarette, would, in turn, bother the mind. Soon, the mind and the cigarette developed a bothering relationship. As they continued to bother each other, the relationship was given a name. Habit. The mind decided it did not want to be bothered any more by the cigarette. But the cigarette kept right on bothering the mind with its craving force. The human mind never made a binding agreement with the cigarette to keep bothering each other, but the cigarette acts otherwise. THE BOTHERING TEST The human mind decides to make an agreement not to bother a cigarette, and that the cigarette is not to bother the human mind, just for a day or so. The test will prove that the cigarette will bother the human mind BEFORE the human mind bothers the cigarette. The test proves that the cigarette is a cheat and a liar, and that it is definitely addictive. It also proves that the mind is truthful and can keep an agreement, and that the cigarette is a liar and cannot keep a simple agreement. It is at this crucial point of revealed truth to the mind that the human mind AND body have the God given right to convert that craving force into a force of anger and direct it right back to the cigarette itself. For EACH and EVERY individual craving that the cigarette imposes on the mind, the mind CAN CONVERT that force, and release it right back to a cigarette as an EQUAL force of directed anger. EXAMPLES OF DIRECTED POSITIVE ANGER As the body AND mind begin to feel each craving coming on, and each craving attack does NOT last very long, the mind and body can NOW take a NEW approach to deal with this force. "I told you not to bother me any more damn it!" The body and mind then proceed to pulverize the closest thing that produced that force, a cigarette itself. Then the mind and body start to take on a new relationship with the cigarette, and with every craving attack, the mind and body will now verbally and physically attack the very cigarettes that they were formally going smoke until the craving force just disappears, and in essence, destroys itself. At first, this new relationship is a little strange to the mind and body, because now it is beating up on its former best friend. But, no pun intended, once the mind and body get into the "swing of things", they actually look forward to the next craving attack, because NOW they are finally getting to enjoy the challenge of getting the chance to finally take action against a force they could not even see. THE BOTTOM LINE The mind, for the first time ever, directly confronts the UNSEEN craving force, exposes that force, turns the force around, and kicks the force in the butt, no pun intended, with its own power until the craving force becomes powerless forever. In essence, this is really HOW a little force like the mind's will power may literally destroy an incoming, unseen, giant force like craving..., simply, FIRST, converting the power of THAT force with the simple new use of will power. THEN allowing the mind AND body to turn and release the converted power of THAT incoming force upon itself. OK, now that your mind and body know what just a little will power can really do...give it your best shot, and do unto it...what it was trying to do to you!