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est. 2000

    12/17/00: Yesterday, Gojira X Megagirasu was released in Japan! And to celebrate, what's a better idea than an update? Image gallery added, as well as a section on the new "Alternate Universe" series. It seems that Angurius will be in a new film! Hooha!

Animations - A gallery of animated clips from Godzilla films, frequently updated. 
Inside The Suit/Being a Kaiju - Behind the scenes of one of the trickiest forms of special FX in the business.
The Online Kaiju Encyclopedia (Partially completed) - An up-and-coming encyclopedia of Godzilla's friends, foes, and a few extras. Currently runs from A - F.
The Jet Jaguar FAQ - Everything you could possibly want to know about Jet Jaguar.
Godzilla's Young - A special page dedicated to Godzilla's children alone!
The Godzilla Trilogy - Comprehensive section on the new "Alternate Universe" series
Image Gallery - Original scanned images from the films.
Adopt a Kaiju - This gives you the option to adopt a small, cartoonish monster and put him/her on your website. A Godzilla Joint first, with frequent new additions!
Godzilla Kingdom - Think Godzilla's only been on TV in America's Hanna Barbera show? Mwaha!
Disclaimer - Image policy, thank-yous, and the usual legal talk.

The Godzilla Joint uses a 10 sized Arial font. Arial should be on your computer's font list, but if not, try the fontpool. It should pop up Times New Roman if not. 
Amazingly brief disclaimer: The Godzilla Joint's title is in no way meant to illicit the prohibited use of hallucinogenic substances in any shape or form.

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