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Welcome to my help page.Here you'll see listed some simple html codes,symbols and abbreviations and also some help links.I hope this will help you learn html or make a homepage.If you wish to link my page to your email or homepage then go right ahead.If you do link this page to your homepage please let me know.I hope this page will help you learn and become familiar with html.Enjoy and have fun!!

Simple html codes

Important note:When using html in your e-mail,posting to a newsgroup,or a homepage;you must start with <html>your codes here,and then close with </html>.

Sample 1:

<html><font size="7">You'll get this.</html>You'll get this.

As you can see the <font size> tag determined the size of the text.The font size can range from 1-7.With 1 being the smallest and 7 being the largest.

Sample 2:

<html><font color="aqua">You'll get this.</html>You'll get this.

As you can see "You'll get this" is aqua.This was used with the <font color>tag.The font color tag determines the color of the text.If you wish you can use aqua or any other color you wish.You can also combine these two samples together to get a neat color and size effect.

Sample 3:

<html><marquee>You'l l get this.</marquee></html>You 'll get this.

As you can see here when using the <marquee> tag this causes the text (You'll get this.) to scroll across to the left of the page.

Sample 4:

<html><marquee direction=right>You'll get this.</marquee></html>You'll get this.

As you can see here by just putting in <marquee direction=right> this will cause the text (You'll get this.) to scroll to the right across the page.

Sample 5:

<html><img src="http://romcache/WebtvLogoJewel.gif" ></html>
You'll get this:

By putting in an <img src> tag this makes an image appear.In this case the webtv logo.Notice that the URL address is inquotation marks.Be sure that you copy the URL address exactly otherwise it won't work.

Sample 6:

<html><bgsound src="http://romcache/music/DialingWebtv. mid"></html>

If you use the <bgsound src> tag this will give you sound or music.

Sample 7:

<html><embed src="http://romcache/music/DialingWebtv. mid"></html>You'll get this:

If you use the <embed src> tag this will give you a clickable speaker.Click the speaker and you'll hear some music!

Sample 8:

<html><audioscope height="40" width="80" gain="1"></html>You'll get this:

You can also put in rightoffset and leftoffset.(ex. rightoffset="5" leftoffset="-5")These attributes will cause the lines to be seperated.The positive number means the first line will be on top and the negative number means the second line will be on the bottom.You can set these numbers to get the effect you want.The higher the number the farther the lines will be.If you don't use these attributes then the audioscope's lines will be like they are in the sample above.These attributes will work for this audioscope only.

<html><audioscope height="40" width="80" gain="0"></html>You'll get this:

As you can see there are two differnt audioscopes.By using the <audioscope> tag you'll get an audioscope.The height and width attributes determines the audioscope's dimentions.(You can make the height and width anything you wish.)The gain attribute determines the audioscope's sensitivity,thus two differnt audioscopes are created.If you wish you may pay put in bgcolor="anycolor" (ex.bgcolor="tan") attribute,this will change the audioscope's background color.Otherwise if you don't use the bgcolor attribute the audioscope's background will be gray like you see above.You can also change the color for the audioscope's lines in either sample above.(ex rightcolor="green" leftcolor="red")In this case the top line will be red and the bottom line will be green.You can insert any color you wish.If you don't use these attributes then the audioscope lines will be the same color combination in the above samples.Here is what the sample audioscope will look like and also the coding.

<html><aud ioscope bgcolor="tan" height="40" width="80" rightcolor="green" leftcolor="red" rightoffset="5" leftoffset="-5"></html>

Sample 9:

If you want to use a background like the black background you see here then just do this:

<html><body bgcolor="black"></html>

Import ant note:If you wish to only have a partial background then just use </body> tag.Remember if you use this tag you must put this tag in before the </html> tag.

Remember the above code will only work for solid colors.Also usuallythese background addesses end with a .gif or .jpg format.Ifyou wish to use a background that has a URL address then you must do this:

<html><body background="http://the URL address.gif or .jpg"></html>

Symbols and Abbreviations

Symbols (emotioncons):

:)Smiley face

;)Wink; just clowning



:-pSticking out your tongue

:-*A big kiss


BTWby the way

LOLLaughing out loud

ROTFLRolling on the floor laughing

BRBBe right back

BAKBack at keyboard

AFAIKAs far as I know

IRCInternet Relay Chat

ISPInternet Service Provider

AKAAlso Known As

Help Links

HTML Links:

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Javascript Links:

Important note:Javascript currently can not be used in e-mail but can be used on homepages.

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