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Cure Net!

this is not an official cure site. it is in no way related to or sponserd by the cure, fiction, elecktra, or warner brother records.

Last Update: July 13, 1998

Hello this is curehaus... Things aren't doing so good in my part, I am trying to get everyone together, in some form. So I can have some idea as to who is still a interested and who is not. I would appreciate it greatly if you all would please email me and let me know! I just got a new computer, with speeds making it so much easier to update my page.. so look for this a lot more often! I keep having this idea for something like a cure scavanger unt around Nashcille.. I don't know why. I just think it might be fun. But with all of us spread around as much as we are.. that might not work. Anyhow.. let me know if you have any ideas.

OKAY.. i have heard from quite a bit of you and things are looking good for the CULTURE CLUB concert... I am hoping to meet somewhere before the show in order to mingle a little, cause it might be a bit difficult to do so with Boy George singing in the back ground... anyhow, i am working on my page.. trying to spiff it up a bit if you like what you see let me know... if you don't I am sure you will tell me anyway... thanks & see you all soon! -

***** CULTURE CLUB!!!!! AUGUST 18, 7:30. Starwood!!!! *****

I would like all of us cure fans together to go see this show!!!! Even if you don't like Culture Club or Human Leauge... come for fun on the lawn... it will be great... let me know!!!!!!! Thanks!!!! Lawn tickets are 12:50... 16 after all those silly little fees!

Stop in here and look for up and coming netshows!


TidBitS FrOm NaShviLlE

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