This letter was written by the Mouse himself on the occasion of
releasing his latest album 'Black Cowboy' in 1996.

Yo, This is the 'Mouse' to all my fans and friends. This is the Mouse's new album. I know it's been a few years. The Mouse is delighted to inform you what the album is pure EEK A MOUSE. The Mouse is at the controls Executive Producer, Producer, Arranger and Writer. The Mouse will not be controlled. In order for me to remain the Mouse that you know and love, I refused to release any music that wasn't what you my fans love, and know the Mouse to be. Sometimes the business will try to contol (Jah Music) It's America, shit happens.

Now the Mouse has unleashed the original Jamaican, Reggae sound that you love, like 'Zoom Galli' which I have been singing since the age of 7 years old. 'Don't Treat her Bad', is a song to all men who beats and batter women. 'Follow Me Go Shopping is about all nice things people love to shop for. 'Hungry Belly Pickney', why are all these kids hungry? We all should look forward to planting more food so we can feed these hungry children. The title cut 'Black Cowboy' gives acknowledge and respect to all Black Cowboys in America, Jamiaca, Africa and all over the world (" it's not about white or black, it's all about who's got the most cash") This album is a vintage EEK A MOUSE. I, EEK A MOUSE, Play this music for you my fans and friends. All you little Eeksters you are the Mouse, theirs only one Eek a Mouse.

Musically and Respectfully
Your Mousey,

Ciao !

Eek a Mouse

I've given thanks to Jah an appreciate the fans for supporting me