This is a dedication to Eek a Mouse (Ripton J. Hilton) and his partners in music. Eek-a-Mouse, I think, is the best reggae-artist ever. His style is 'one and unique', the texts are funny ("wa-da-do-dem-dem") and about all important and unimportant factors of life such as money, friends, girls etc. Many of his songs are master pieces, especially those he made in his early carrier. This 6 feet 6 long born entertainer deserves to have his own fansite.

I wish all Eek-a-fans (called Eekers and Eeksters ) peace, joy and good health. If you have interesting facts about 'The Mouse', or just want to say hello! , do not hesitate to send me e-mail. When you like to order his music on Internet, you can look at: for example (I don't work for this company).

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