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Simone's Web site and School stuff


Hello and Welcome to my homepage.
This is my homepage and its crap!!!
My name is Simone I am 16 year's old and I come from Melbourne Australia. Some of my favourite things I like doing are Hanging out with friends, Cooking!!! and other stuff!
I also have a brother and a sister. My brothers name is Andrew, 15. My sisters names is Rebecca, 11.
Hope u like me webpage! :S
Hi to all people at Dandenong High School
Above is my cute little Panda that I have adopted. Thank You to a man named Joe who thought of the name RosePetals. I have lots of adopeted pets. ( yeah i did this pages like 4 years ago so yeah )
These two pets are also pets that I have adopted. There are plenty more. If you would like a pet,all you have to do is go to the link I have called Adopt a happy pet here.

My Favorite Links

My Second Page Bits 'n' Peices
My Friends Hanson Page
Channel [V] Rocks!!
School Work!! ;)

I have msn add me ill be happy to chat!