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For full details contact CAPELLA Sub-branch co-ordinator NAOMI SAMPSON on (07 ) 4984 9727

Email- Capella Branch

Capella Sub-Branch


Suite 38, Level One,Centerpoint Arcade, 105 Victoria Street, Mackay

Phone: 07 4957 7505

Fax: 07 4957 7505


YOU are invited to a co-creative and interactive day - entitled SPIRIT HAS A PLAN, organised by the Creative Health Network.

CREATIVE HEALTH NETWORK is an 'community' of people who are taking an active interest in the state of well being of individuals, groups, organisations, communities and our planet. CHN sponsors open dialogues, training seminars, healing projects, Spirit Has Plan gatherings, Interest Circles, Chat Groups and educational tours.

SPIRIT HAS A PLAN (SHAP) gatherings are monthly get togethers which create a supportive environment where participants learn about and experience the work of fellow healers, educators, health practitioners and complementary therapists. By coming together in this way we can meet with our peers and ensure that none of us feel alone or isolated.

The SHAP gathering generally lasts between 1.30pm and 3.30pm and are organised in two parts separated by afternoon tea (2.15 - 2.45). The first session (1.30 - 2.15) is an open discussion based around a topic of current interest and encourages heart sharing that is spiritual and relevant to matters that have importance to all participants.

The second session (2.45 - 3.30) is more structured, often with an invited guest speaker. This can be a member of the group sharing the experience of her/his particular work and methods, followed by an informal discussion/question and answer session.

Sample of Previous Activities at the Mackay Branch

1999 Dates:
28th March 1999 - JAMES CLIFTON - NLP & Kinesiology
16th May 1999 - PENNY DELFS - How To Take Control of Your Life
27th June 1999 - VARIOUS - Meditation & Meditation Techniques
8th August 1999 - ANN WILLIAMS-FITZGERALD - How to See Aura's
26th September 1999 - SHARON HINSCHEN - Foot Reflexology
7th November 1999 - To Be Announced -

SHAP gatherings are held in Mackay approximately every six weeks. CHN is a non-profit organisation but the $5 charge is applied to cover costs of refreshments and hire charges. A raffle prize will also be available on the day - usually a service from the 'Guest Speaker' of the day or a donated item from the community.

Previous Meeting Dates & Topics '98:

21st June 1998 - VARIOUS GUESTS - 'International Prayer Day & Celebration'
30th July 1998 - DR ROSEMARY HOWARD MD - 'Healing Spirit Mind & Body (Ian Gawler Conference)'
13th September 1998 - YVONNE SENINI - 'Horstmann Technique'
25th October 1998 - JOHANNE ANDERSEN - ' Life after Bulimia and Anorexia'
29th November 1998 - SHARON HINSCHEN - 'Foot Reflexology'

For more information and bookings call: - Greg Fitzgerald 07 4957 7505 email

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD - 07 4957 7505

Creative Health Network-Australia would like to invite interested people to join this dynamic group.

If you are interested in starting a sub-branch in your area, please contact below.

Write to-

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald, PhD Creative Health Network-Australia PO Box 105, Mackay 4740, Qld. Australia Phone/Fax 07 4957 7505 email

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