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my recommendations


My brothers home Page!!Wow is it cool!!Visit it!
a Great place to talk, with kids!!!
another great place to talk... only girls!
a great place to explore!
A place to talk with grownups... and kids!!
Nickelodeon online! Another great place to explore!!
A great place to send free cards!- without music,sorry.
Meet my COOL GREEN GUY- a totaly cool, green, talking ball!!---something new to say every day
Learn fascinating facts about cats!
Learn about insects, with new ones each day- IT IS ToTaLlY CoOl
Cheats- a bundle of them
Meet Mufasa

Hi! My name is wolfchick. I am 8 years old, I am a girl, I like to swim, play games,explore, and Have FUN!!! ( <> ,, <> ) explore the universe!! :0)- Be happy!! ():0)- learn a lot!! I:0) be cool!! HAVE FUN!!!! Be sure to visit my brothers web page, it is listed as a link! Please email me and tell me what you would like to see on here, and tell me what you think of this page!! please!!!