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Chantal Kreviazuk's new album entitled, Color Moving and Still hit Canadian stores this past October 5, 1999 and hit American stores not too long after. This is Chantal's second record following her successful first album entitled, Under These Rocks And Stones. This website is dedicated to Chantal and her work and the many photos i have been able to take of this talented musician!

These photos are personal and reflect my work as an aspiring photographer. If anyone would like to borrow these photos please contact me first through email. I have spent a lot of time posting these photos on my page for you all to see and so i hope that they will not appear on other webpages before i have given permission to do so! Thanks and Enjoy!

To access the pictures, simply click on the various photos of Chantal below! Please be patient while the pictures load, it is well worth the wait!

* CONGRAGULATIONS to Chantal Kreviazuk who picked up 2 JUNO AWARDS for Best Female Artist and Best Pop/Adult Album!!! WAY TO GO!! Stay tuned for photos from the Junos!

Chantal has performed many shows in both Canada and America and in this section you can find pictures from her shows. Pictures from both of Chantal's Convocation Hall shows are posted as well as photos from the Foster Parents Plan Gala and from Canada's Wonderland.

Many fans have had the opportunity to meet and get their photos taken with Chantal. Check out some photos of Chantal with her fans and find out how you can have your photo with Chantal posted here!

Chantal has done many instore appearances to promote both of her cd's, Under These Rocks and Stones as well as Color Moving and Still. In this section you will find pictures from an older appearance at Borders Book Store in the States as well as a very recent appearance at Blacks Camera Store.

I have been fortunate enough to meet Chantal on several occasions and at all times she has been nice enough to sign my pictures. Find out how you can have your autographed pictures posted here.

The 3 year lilith fair tour headed up by Sarah McLachlan, raised awarness of women's rights in society. I attended the concerts in 1998 and 1999 when they stopped in Toronto. I was fortunate enough to get some great shots of both Sarah McLachlan, Chantal Kreviazuk and all the lilith ladies in action.

Muchmusic has been a great support of Chantal's work playing her videos and having her in for interviews. In this section you can view pictures of Chantal's early videos and interviews from Muchmusic.